Ryan Nelson

SLED: 2016 Polaris Axys 800 155 2.6


I started riding in Jr. high; one of my good friends would invite me to go to Island Park with his family on weekends. We would cruise all over on Yamaha Phazers I was hooked right away. I saved my money until I was a sophomore in high school when I bought my first snowmobile at an auction, a used 1995 Polaris XLT.

This year I will be riding a Polaris Axys 155 with: MTNTK Turbo (pump gas), MTNTK Blow Hole, ZBroz Exit shocks, Zbroz 39 inch control arms, C&A Pro BX Skis, ZRP Billet Spindles, ArcticFx Boondockers Wrap, WRP Seat, Sled Solutions Bags, 2 Cool Air Vents.

Most people don’t know that I was a die-hard skier who taught ski lessons during college and studied Commercial Recreation because I wanted to be involved in the ski industry until I did my Internship at KLIM and shifted all focus to snowmobiling.

I’m a 4th generation farmer/rancher. I decided after college and many jobs that my heart and soul was home on the family Farm in Rockland Idaho because I enjoy the lifestyle and the heritage of working the land that has been in my family for 4 generations. It also conveniently allows me to ride a lot in the winters.

I started riding with Geoff “phatty” Dyer in College, and while doing my internship at KLIM we were able to meet and ride with Dan Gardiner several times, the following year we both moved to Utah and began riding with Dan and the Boondockers crew on a regular basis.  That winter I made my debut in Boondockers 3.

I have many favorite riding areas. I always enjoy discovering new terrain and constantly searching for those honey holes of deep powder and technical creek bottoms.

I drive a 2012 Ram Cummins with just a few personal touches/upgrades. My favorite being my custom made R.I. Sled Deck.

One of my most memorable experiences riding was a trip to Elko, Nevada while doing my internship with KLIM.  On that trip I watched Dan Gardiner drop some massive cliffs for the first time in person, my jaw literally dropped.  It really opened my eyes to what can be done on a snowmobile.

My worst experience snowmobiling was a time when I went out with a friend during a raging blizzard, it was deep and fun but visability was horrible on the way out we came to a section where it’s a wide open ridge.  The fog, blowing snow, and blizzard conditions made it impossible to find our way across.  We had to call for help. Phatty and Kim Reid had to come rescue us.  Without their GPS devices and help we would have spent a long miserable night.

My goal this upcoming season is to continue to push myself in all aspects of snowmobiling and filming.  Its always a goal to outdo myself from the previous year in getting better lines and drops/jumps on film of myself and also to push my fellow boondockers crew to new limits all while capturing them and our journey on film.

I'd like to give a big thanks and shout out to all those who have helped me chase my dreams. Specifically my sponsors Klim, Mtntk Performance, PMS Polaris (Performance Motor Sports, WRP (Wasatch Recreational Products), ZBroz Racing, Exit Socks, C&A Pro Skis, ArcticFX, ZRP (Zollinger Racing Products), SnowBigDeal.com, Sled Solutions, Summit Motorsports,  2 Cool Air Vents, Ice Age Performance, R.I. Decks and most importantly the Boondockers Movie family, for the memories and good times in the mountains….Its always an adventure and many more to come!