Nick Reedy

SLED: 2017 Polaris Axys 800 155 2.6"



Snow sports have always been a huge part of my family, I started sledding around 12 years old in the Western Uintas with my Dad and Brother. I was skiing and snowboarding early in life so getting hooked to snowmobiling aligned with my passion for winter and adventure. I love how snowmobiling gives you the opportunity to access some amazing areas quickly.

I’ll be running a stock 2017 Polaris Pro RMK 800 155″ with Zbroz front end, Exit shocks an ArcticFX graphics.….

I’m a cat man and passionate beer connoisseur, now you know.

I have a full time job, but no one wants to hear about a day at the office so I won’t bore you with that. I’ve been told I’m a “yes man” and I’m always up for something new. On the weekends or during my 2 hour lunch break you can usually find me in the mountains doing some type of activity. Wether it be hiking, photography, mountain biking, fishing, climbing backpacking/camping or exploring, I prefer to be outside as much as possible.

I’m a Real Estate Investor Consultant. I help Real Estate investors with lending options and new strategies. I’m also a co-owner of Famous Photo Booths, so if you need a photo booth for an event let me know! Check out

My first ride was with Dan, Phatty, Shane and Ryan N. in Bountiful, 2011. I met Dan through attending a Utah Avalanche Center training/riding class. Dan Couldn’t make the ride due to an injury but he still showed up, we talked for a bit and he mentioned joining them for a ride sometime soon. I only had experience riding at my cabin, and certainly had never explored new terrain with pro riders. It was intimidating, but I managed to keep up ok… and throw in a cliff drop. 🙂

The area from the red rock segment in Boondockers 12 is at the top of my list. Riding there is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I'm driving a stock ’07 Silverado and ’69 Ford Ranger street rod with a 460 c.i. and a ton of upgrades.

So many great memories! One ride that sticks out was Dec. 30th 2014, every news channel advised to stay indoors due to the 70 mph wind gusts and blizzard conditions. It had just dumped 4’ of that super dry Utah powder in Bountiful. On the drive to the trailhead there were tipped over garbage cans and other debris everywhere. The wind was blowing so hard, when Johan attempted to pour gas in his sled it literally disappeared in the wind. This was by far the coldest day i’ve ever experienced in the mountains. The downhill boondocking was so incredible we neglected to check our gas gage, Johan, Phatty and Dan ran their sleds out of gas. We did our best to distribute the gas from mine and Shanes sleds to get the other snowmobiles off of the mountain. After a few attempts trying to get the sleds over the icy shortcut over the ridge, we ended up taking the trail. We left 2 sleds and ended up riding double on Shane’s sled and Phatty and I on mine. The trail cut through the side of the mountain, there were 4-6 ft wind drifts that Dan was busting through to break trail, Dan’s sled ran out of gas after getting stuck a handful of times. Instead of taking more gas from my sled we decided it would be best to leave it there. Dan, Phatty and I rode triple out on my sled. Dan was lying on the tunnel comfortably saying it kept him warm. We retrieved the sleds the next day where Dan’s sled had nearly disappeared in the side of the mountain. The powder footage we captured that day will be hard to beat.

Luckily, I don’t have too many bad experiences. I’ve had some bad wipeouts but nothing serious. There are a few rides that come to mind: Watching Matt Entz getting caught in an avalanche. We were filming from the top of the hill and watched him get carried all the way to the bottom. Matt was completely buried except his glove and part of his helmet. It’s extremely important to get proper training to prepare for these kind of scenarios. I believe it was Smasher and another rider that quickly aided Matt. The other bad experience was Ryan Willits getting stuck in the sled tunnel with the throttle stuck wide open. Bryan and myself were the first ones to get to him and shut off his sled and pull him out of the tunnel. He was beat up pretty bad but toughed it out back to the trail head and to the hospital.

Favorite riding buddy is Dan Gardiner, but I enjoy riding with all of the Boondockers. Being apart of the Boondockers has been a huge accomplishment that I never really planned on. For some reason everything flows a lot easier when you pursue your passion. I’ve been able to accomplish photography and movie producing goals that I had never dreamed of.  This season I plan to continue bettering myself physically and mentally on and off the sled ….and travel the world with my wife ….and purchase better camera equipment.

I don't count miles but I would guess I've put about 1500 on a single sled and the most on one sled has been about 2500.