Kris Kaltenbacher "Smasher"

SLED: 2017 Polaris Axys 800 155 3"

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I started sledding when I was 9 years old in Bethel, Alaska.  I started sledding because my parents had a dog team and used the sleds to groom trails for their dogs and to train them.  I started off on a 1981 Polaris Star, and as the years went on and my time in Alaska continued, the sled gave me a freedom to go and explore all over the great state.

This season I will be running a sled set up by Erik Woog, the grand master himself.  A Vohk, 2017 RMK Polaris 800 155 with a Boondocker Turbo, Exit shocks, Zbroz front end, Ice Age rails, 2coolairvents, and an Arctic FX  wrap.

You may not know this about me but I used to have a LOT of hair and once had a mullet that my mom straightened out for me in high school because my hair was super curly and I wanted it longer.

Spending a day with me would consist of, waking up at 5:30-5:50am, letting the dog out, getting dressed, making lunches and breakfasts for my boys and I, leaving the house by 6:20, getting to work by 6:45, eating breakfast at my desk till 7, then starting my day of work.  I work from 7-3:30 (unless we have an emergency, then I work later).  After work, I drive as fast as I can to get home to make a snack for my youngest son and help with homework until 5 when we leave for basketball practice.  I coach my youngest son’s basketball team from 5:30-7, then it’s off to the high school with my oldest son from 7:30-9 where my wife Tracy picks up my youngest son Kohen from me and she drops off our oldest son, Karson, at his basketball practice.  Tracy takes Kohen home and I stay to help coach Karson, then we head home to get my son showered and off to bed.  I then head to the gym at 9:45 ish to get my work out in and home and in bed by 11 then start my day off all over again.  Mondays and Wednesdays are a little different but pretty much the same.

I make my living as a Journeyman Pipe Fitter.  I graduated college to be teacher but ended up not liking it.  I always liked being outside and I enjoyed construction so I chose to work for our local water district here in Reno.  I chose it for many reasons: good pay, benefits, retirement, and lots of room to move up, either staying in the field or moving to management.

I first rode with Dan Gardiner and Phatty back in 2007, and this is how it went:  I was riding with a group of guys known as Team Summit (Anthony Oberti, Shane Kelly, Jesse O'Rourke, Jeff Aiello and the rest of their gang).  In April of that year Anthony invited me out to ride with the Team Summit and the Boondockers, he said that Dan was coming out to ride and I needed to film with them. I remember being so excited to ride with guys that I had looked up to.  I didn't really know Phatty but knew the name.  We rode and filmed all weekend then at the end of one of our days Dan asked me for my phone number so we exchanged them and he said he would be in touch.  That night I was home telling my wife about my day and how excited I was to have met and rode with Dan.  When I got a call from Dan I remember telling my wife “Look who's calling me” showing her the caller ID.  I answered and Dan said I should make a trip to Utah to ride.  From that day on every time there was a big storm or anyone from the Boondockers crew called I drove out and made the trip with them.  That is how the friendships all started and how I became a Boondocker.  It’s been an amazing ride…………

I have so many favorite riding areas I don't think I can name one and I never kiss and tell.  States I love to ride?  I love Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, and I know Canada is not a state but it never disappoints.

I drive a fully loaded 2015 Chevy Duramax LTZ edition, 6″ Cognito Lift with Fox shocks, 22×10″ Hostile Hostage Rims, Amp Steps, and built by the best dealership ever Edmark Superstore in Boise Idaho.  Those who know me know SMRSUX!

I've had so many great days on the snow with all of the Boondockers team.  To just name one day as my favorite would be a lie because of all the great times we have had. Worst experience I think would have to be this year when I was with Phatty and Dan filming a creek bottom.  The line didn’t go as planned and the sled flipped over backwards pinning me under the sled in the creek up to my neck.  My brake lever had pinned my hand and I couldn't get out from under it.  Dan and Phatty had to get the sled off of me.  We were about 10 miles back in with no easy way out, soaked to the bone from the cold creek water, and a fractured hand.  By the time we got back to the trucks my hand looked like it had a small soft ball in it.  I stayed the night then drove home and went to the ER where an x-ray found a fractured knuckle.  That trip cost me a few hundred dollars, miles on my new truck, 14 hrs of driving and only rode 10 miles – not a good trip or ride.

For technical riding I would have to say Erik, Dan, Matt, Adam and Phatty are my favorite riding buddies for that type of riding.  They push my limits and skills to the brink of disaster.  That being said, I don't think asking me to name my favorite riding partner is fair to my fellow BD'ers.  I love riding with each person because they each have their own sled character and we always have fun.

The two biggest accomplishments that mean the most to me is being a good father and striving to be a better husband to my wife every day. Everything else in life is a bonus.

My biggest goal this season is to be in even better shape than last season, ride even more than this year and to make it to Revy in Canada. As a kid living in Alaska I would put on 3 to 4 thousand miles in a winter but after moving to Nevada I remember putting on about 1500-2000 miles before I had my boys.

Lastly,  I would like to say thank you to my wife Tracy for standing by my side as I follow my passion of sledding and never ever making me feel bad for leaving,  Thanks to my boys Karson and Kohen for also supporting me.  To all my sponsors and supporters:   Vohk Performance, Boondockers Turbos, Klim gear, 509, Marathon Truckboss Decks, Fly Racing, Ice Age Rails, Exit Shocks, Zbroz Racing, 2coolairvents, Arctic FX Wraps, Sled Solutions, Sled Descent, Snow Big Deal and Sly Dog skis.  Without all of these companies behind me I would not be able to do what I do.  THANKS TO ALL!

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