Kim Onasch

SLED: 2017 Polaris Axys 800 155 2.6"


My first sled was… a 2008 Ski Doo Summit. I started sledding in 2009. I was big into backcountry skiing, and I bought my first sled as a way to get my skis up the hill.  That lasted for about a week.  Over the past 8 years, I have evolved from a beginner trail racer to a sponsored backcountry rider.  I am living proof that anyone can do this sport if you love it enough to dedicate the time and effort it takes to learn it.  Snowmobiling was the beginning of a lot of changes in my life, including really learning a sport I love, and making some of the best friends I have to this day.  I was going through a lot personally, and snowmobiling was my escape from everything.  In 2011, I began riding with a handful of friends who started teaching me, and I realized I didn't know how to ride yet!  These guys put up with teaching me for my first 2 years of real riding… Adam Onasch, Mark Conley, Chris McKinney, Brian Baker, Gilbert Ramos, these are the guys who got me unstuck countless times, taught me how to sidehill, tortured me in the trees, and loved to tell me we were lost in the dark when we weren't.  I owe so much to them for taking the time to teach me, because to this day, I couldn't have done it without their friendship and support.

Starting out with a 2017 Polaris RMK AXYS 800 155 2.6″, adding a non-intercooled Boondocker GT2860 Turbo tuned by VOHK, Skinz ARC, running boards, and bumpers, ArcticFX Wrap, FOX Float Shocks, Ice Age Bomber Rails, ArsFX 39″ front end, 2Cool Vents, and Sled Solutions storage!  I have run this turbo for 3 years now, and have played with suspension, and the ARC last season, making this my favorite setup to date!

You may not know this about me, but I HATE Spiders!  Some kids have nightmares about other things, mine were all about Spiders, giant ugly things crawling out of boxes…. yuk!  Luckily I only had a couple, but I can still remember them to this day!!!

If you had to spend the day with me, you might know why I am always late.  Every morning consists of trying to get our lazy Great Danes out of bed.  They will lie there with their feet in the air until I have showered, and am ready to go outside.  Typically around 8 am, we head out to feed our 3 camels, horse, and pony.  With 7 animals all demanding attention, it can be very hard to ‘hurry up' in the morning!  I talk to each one of them as I go out to feed them.  Luckily, I have the best fiance' husband, Adam Onasch, who is loading sleds and gear into the trailer while I get to spend time with my animals.  After chores, and everything's loaded, and I say goodbye to my dogs one last time, we're off to ride, be it sleds or dirt bikes!  We are lucky enough to be able to ride on average 3-4 days per week, in between our hectic work schedules.

I own an Indoor Gardening store in Frisco, CO called The Hydro Shack. I chose this profession because I had always wanted to open a Ski Shop, but saw a demand for supply in this industry just before it ‘boomed', and became the first store to open in between Denver and Grand Junction.

I started riding with the Boondockers in 2012. I was eating dinner in Kremmling one night with Erik and Cassie Woog, and Dan just happened to be in town from UT picking up his new sled.  We talked about riding, and the rest is history!  Over the past 5 years, we've had a lot of fun.  I consider the Boondockers Team family, and every ride we get to ride together is always a guaranteed adventure!

Do I have to pick just one favorite riding area?!  One of my favorite places to push my limits is Alpine, WY.  It's not that far away, there are so many different areas to ride, and the terrain in WY is quite a bit steeper than CO.  It's fun and challenging in a whole new way.  Every time I come home to Colorado, everything seems so much smaller, and I feel like I am tackling terrain that I never even looked at before going to Wyoming.  Riding steeper terrain for a week gives you a whole new perspective on line choices!

This truck, my 2011 GMC Sierra 2500 Duramax, is my baby.  She has a Truckboss Sled Deck, 6″ Cognito Lift, 18″ BMF Wheels, 35″ Toyo Open Country Mud Terrains, 4 Rigid light bars, fog lights, reverse lights, AMP Running boards, 6000 watts of stereo and subs…

My most memorable experience snowmobiling happened in 2013 filming for Boondockers 10.  It was a beautiful sunny day filled with the guys dropping all kinds of never been done huge cliffs, and we came up on a section that was graduated from one side to the other in size.  Dan Gardiner asks me if I want to try one, so I drop a tiny one on the end, and thought, wow, that was easy, maybe I should try the next one.  Well the next one was twice a big, but I was at the top ready to go, and 100% terrified!  Dan says, in his calm Dan voice, ‘you've got it'.  I'm trying to concentrate on anything besides the ground I cannot see in front of me over this ledge, and start asking Dan about where to put my feet, more as a way to stall, and maybe an opportunity to chicken out, but instead I cleared my head, and grabbed the throttle.  That was the biggest drop I've done to date, and yes, I screamed, but afterwards, the feeling of accomplishment, and being brave enough to tell myself to do that was amazing.  I was on Cloud 9 the rest of that week!

My worst experience snowmobiling had to be 2 seasons ago.  Adam, Alec, Johan, Baker and I were riding late, on a very dark night with no moon, and it was snowing heavily.  We were all having so much fun in the deep snow, that we lost track of time, like we usually do, and had ended up in an area far from any trails or familiar land marks when it got dark.  Upon trying to navigate our way out of the dark, blizzarding forest, we kept coming up on cliffs.  We looked at the GPS on Adam's Rhino, and we were right in the middle of an area he had previously labeled as ‘Rock Fun Zone'.  Rock Fun Zone was a bit traumatizing in the dark!  Somehow, we made it out, sidehilling thru thick trees across the tops of the cliffs, and down into the valley, only to be shut down by 2 other ways up and out.  Around 11 pm, we found a safe way up and out of this valley, and were finally back on familiar ground, having to share what fuel was left only a couple of times.  Arriving at the trailer at Midnight never felt better!

Favorite riding buddies are Adam Onasch & Alec Long.

My biggest accomplishment on the snow is being respected as one of the top female backcountry riders in the industry.  You will usually find me behind the lens, encouraging other riders to shine, and when no one is looking, I will pull some of my best lines.  It's not all about filming, just a passion for the sport, therefore some of my biggest accomplishments are lines only I have seen!  🙂   My biggest accomplishment off the snow was starting my business at the right time in the right place.  It has afforded me the time and the finances to fully enjoy my favorite thing in life, Snowmobiling!

My goals for the upcoming season are simple, work hard, and ride a lot!  I enjoy being a positive role model in this sport, and will continue teaching ladies clinics, and influencing others to get into snowmobiling.

I've put on around 3000 in a season, but i've always sold my sled at the end of the season so I've never had more than that.