Justin Cowett

SLED: 2017 Polaris Axys 800 155 2.6"

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I originally started snowmobiling in 2005 to access backcountry skiing terrain.  By the next season I was so addicted to sledding that I never brought my skis again.

I'll be riding a 2017 Polaris Axys 155″ with a Silber Turbo setup.

A fun day in my life consists of spending time with my family in the outdoors. We like to hike, bike, run, dirt bike and go camping together.  I also enjoy trail running, riding dirt bikes in the mountains and of course snowmobiling with friends. I try to do these activities a few times a week.

I’m still trying to figure a profession out. I'm currently a photographer but I have a business idea that I'm very excited about  and I'll be working on getting it started during the next year.

I met the Boondockers in 2008. I was introduced to them by a mutual friend and have been riding with them on occasion ever since.

I cannot divulge my favorite riding area but the riding  area contains the most unique terrain I've ever ridden. The area is littered with technical creek bottoms, pillow lines, cliffs, and steep trees.

I drive a 2002 Dodge Ram 2500 diesel.

I remember the winter of 2010/2011 more than any other winter. It started snowing in November and didn't  stop until June. There were only about 40 bluebird days during the 8.5 months we rode. The local mountains accumulated over 800″ of snow and I was able to ride over 150 days. Our last ride was mid July. I don't recall a specific bad experience but anytime my sled breaks down and I have to be towed out of the backcountry seems to suck pretty bad.

I love to ride with my buddy Brock Berry. He's a very technical rider and I've spent more days riding with him than anyone else.

Here's something cool, when I was in 5th grade I placed 2nd overall in our elementary school spelling bee contest.

This season I plan to ride a lot and keep searching for new terrain. In a season I've put on 2700 miles. The most miles I have on one sled is 5000.