Jesse O’Rourke "Wrecky"

SLED: 2017 Polaris Axys 800 155 2.6"

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My first sled ride was took place when I was still in womb… I didn’t have a choice, my mom was a pregnant sledhead and when I popped out I was born into the addiction.  From the whomb I went to riding in front of her strapped to her belly.  I finally made driver when I was placed aboard my first Kitty Kat – sponsored by my dad.  From the Kitty Kat I jumped to the Yamaha sno-scoot, from then on it was all up in horse power, the skill came later, lol.  I’ve been hooked on snowmobiling since I was a kid, it’s hard not to be when you grow up in a snowmobiling family.

The new sled is gonna be Bone Stock baby!  Getting a new 2017 Polaris 155” LE from Carl’s Cycle Sales – LIME SQUEEZER edition, careful…you pop off and the LIME SQUEEZER might twist off!  Only mods will likely be the shocks (valving adjustments,) clutching, and probably a single pipe and can.

Most people don’t know that I am an avid hockey fan, love the sport.  I grew up playing roller hockey in Cali – not much frozen ice where I grew up so roller hockey it was.  I still to this day play recreational hockey in a small league near Chico.

I'm in the Utility Industry, Gas & Electric line construction.  I’m not really sure why exactly I chose this profession or industry if you will, but it had more to do with the location I wanted to work in after college.  I had an opportunity to stay in Norther California coming out of school and that’s why I took the position.

I first met Danny Boy and Grandpa Dyer back in the old Team Summit days.  I think the Boondocker guys got hooked up with Jeff Aiello (producer for Team Summit videos,) and they collaborated on a few things, back around 2005-2006 I wanna say…  Dan & the gang came out to Cali to ride; we met up on the mountain – Dan Garderner and Phatty were holding try outs… Smasher (Kris K.), Anthony Oberti, Shane Kelley, and myself all showed up to meet Dan, Anthony, & BD gang. To the best of my recollection the day started when we all met in the parking lot and went something like this:

Jesse O’Rourke:  Hey Smash you big STUD!  Anthony who’s butt did you have to kiss to get invited here today?

Smasher: Great balls of fire!!!  Let’s rip these 2-strokes in the POW!

Shane Kelley.: SHRED the GNAR..

Dan Gardiner:  Where do you boys plan on riding today?

Smasher: Up the mountain, I just want to serve as a Boonddocker Sir.

Dan Gardiner: Are you a good rider?

Smasher: I can hold my own.

Dan Gardiner: Good, then I won’t have to worry about you making your living as a snowmobile movie star.

Phatty Dyer:  Woo!  Rock n’ roll!

As we departed out of the parking lot the Cali boys quickly demonstrated they could hang with the wily Boondocker crew, with Smasher out in the front of the pack holding his #1 high in the air.  The pack quickly took to the trees and introduced the UTAH fellas to the Sierra Cement Sidehilling Clinic.  After a series of rocky/dirt/timber jumps, steep climbs & huge cornice drops – Oberti called the group into a huddle.

Shane K: Jesse that was the gutsiest drop I’ve ever seen.

Anthony Oberti: (to Smasher, Jesse): – you two guys really are a bunch of cowboys??!

Smasher: What’s your problem Anthony?

Anthony: Smash you’re everyone’s problem. That’s because every time we’re out here, you’re unsafe!  I don’t like you guys right now because you’re dangerous and you’re going to blow our shot making movies with the Boondockers!

Smasher:  That’s right Ice…man!  I am dangerous.

Anthony: if you guys screw this up, you’ll be riding Yahama’s in the creek bottom behind Dan’s Grandpa’s cabin!

Jesse:  I feel the need, the need for speed!

Shane K: Let’s turn and burn!

Smasher: Woo!  Anthony’s stuck again – Let’s PIN IT!!

Dan Gardiner:  (To Anthony) That was some of the best riding I’ve seen to date – right up to the part where you got stuck.  You never leave your wingman.  You’ll be lucky to make the credits of this year’s film.

Phatty D: Son, your ego is writing checks your body can’t cash…

As we came flying down the trail back into the parking lot – one of the Cali boys came over the radio – “Trailer bus, this is Ghost Rider requesting a flyby.

Jeff Aiello:  Negative Ghost rider, that pattern is full.  You boys get your butts in the trailer now!

Cali boys: “The plaque for the alternates is across the parking lot in the ladies blue room!

When we arrived back at the parking lot, our debut in front of the Boondockers had went surprisingly well, the Cali boys had made the team.

Okay… okay… if you can guess what movie all those quotes were from, then Smasher will personally donate a signed copy of the latest Boondockers movie to you!  All kidding aside, my first impression and meeting with the Boondockers crew was and is still the same impression of them; super cool, down to earth, great dudes. One of the best riding groups those Boondockers guys & gals are.  I’m just lucky to be called a member of the team.

I would have to say my favorite riding area is close to home, even though the Sierra Nevada doesn’t get the snow like most places, (on a good year) we can still ride late into May and it’s warm enough you can ride in a t-shirt and shorts!

I have two rides, ones a 2006 Chevy Duramax, 4” exhaust, programmer/tuner, small lift, wheels & tires.  Color is Graystone metallic.  Love that truck. The other is a 1999 Chevy 2500 ¾ ton long bed – AKA – white lightning!  Nothing fancy or flashy about the truck, she just scoots right along.

There's too many great memorable experiences to list. One of the worst experiences happend this past snowmobiling season, luckily out of that scary event my friend is still with us.

My brother is my favorite riding partner, we lost him a few years back, so I’m going to say all friends and family – snowmobiling community is so small and tight.

My goal this season is to be in shape by the time sledding season starts and not a month into the season! The most miles in one season was probably on my sno-scoot when I was kid – easily 2,000+ in the front yard! Hmm, I think I’m crashed most of them before they got too high in mileage.