Geoff Dyer "Phatty"

SLED: 2016 Polairs Axys 800 155 2.6"


While not the oldest member of Team Boondocker, Phatty is frequently referred to as Grandpa Dyer.  He is the responsible member of the group who spends most of his time herding along lost Boondockers.

His smooth riding style allows him to use tricks gathered over the years to gracefully maneuver the sled into precarious spots to help other less fortunate souls with less talent that became stuck.  He is frequently the only voice of reason within the Team and reminds everyone that going home and riding another day is better than trying to prove yourself to a bunch of young punks.

He has a very charming persona and is generally very friendly unless he forgets his pizza rolls for his hot dogger, then all bets are off. His goals in life involve summiting every state high point and teaching his kids to love the outdoors and be kind to everyone they meet.

He desires all snowmobilers to receive avalanche training and live to ride another day.  When not on a sled, he can be found pedaling a bike around the mountains, its great cross training for sleds and very therapeutic.

He would like to thank all of his awesome sponsors for putting up with him and his witty sense of humor.