Cody Case

SLED: 2016 Polairs Axys 800 155 2.6"



I started riding with my Dad and brothers, I felt like I couldn’t ride enough! I always wanted to ride. We’d spend most of our winter in Island Park, Idaho at the family cabin. We’d wake up and wait for the temperatures to break above -10 so Dad would finally let us out and ride sleds. Later, when Dad got big and rich enough, I got a sled to call my own, a 95 Indy 500 SKS with a huge 133” track. I could go everywhere on that sled.

This season I’ll run the new Boondocker Nitrous kit with ZBroz ARS-FX suspension, ZBroz Shock Spring kit with custom valving, Ice Age Bomber Rails and a custom Arctic FX Boondocker Wrap.

I’m not overly sensitive about this but not many people know that I’ve served a 5 year prison sentence and was recently released from parole. I don’t recommend learning lessons that way but I’m thankful to have learned my lesson and it helps me appreciate my life. My day isn't dreamy, wake up and go to work…work…then go home and relax. After relaxing I go to sleep and do it again. I didn’t necessarily ‘choose’ working for a construction company on a rock crush crew but that's what I do. As you may guess, my crew crushes rock to be used in various road base mixtures.

Way back in the fall of 2010 I was rocking the good ole Polaris 900 166”. It was a major pain throwing that sled around to keep up with the Boondockers and the riding they do, it was really good experience that made handling the new sleds easy. I hitched a ride with Aaron and Searle down to Utah that year to ride with Dan and the crew. It was awesome riding somewhere new, the first time not in Idaho and the terrain was in a whole new league. My favorite riding area is Bedford, Wyoming. The terrain ranges from easy to super difficult, you can challenge yourself to any degree.

I drive a ’95 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke…sligtly modified. To name a few, injector work, tuner, chip, tires, wheels, intake and more.

I can remember two seasons ago, to a really memorable experience of Dan and I scoping out a triple drop. The whole time we were checking it out he was chuckling as he talked me into the feat. I pulled it off without a hitch though, a text book tripe drop you can find in Boondockers 12. On the other hand, It makes for a bad experience when my brother pulls up every ten minutes to tell me how to ride. Anyway, I always look forward to riding with Aaron and Searle but Dan and the Boondockers Crew is at the top of the list. Regardless, I’m always happy to ride with anyone who loves to sled.

Outside of riding with and being a part of the Boondockers Team, I’ve always been proud of my wrestling career. Representing Team Idaho in Virginia for a national tournament was a big accomplishment, a once in a lifetime, eye-opening experience.

This coming season I plan to simply have fun. The most miles I put on a sled in a season is just under 1000 but overall, I’ve put almost 2000 on the good ole 900 166”.