Adam Onasch

SLED: 2017 Polaris Axys 800 155 3"

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My first sled was a 1999 polaris rmk 600. I started sledding in 2000 as a way to access new snowboard terrain.  This quickly became only sledding and leaving the board at home.  I got hooked on sledding because of the pursuit of new adventure and finding new challenging terrain with good friends.

I’ll be running a Polaris AXYS 800 155 with a 3 inch track. I will add an ArcticFX wrap,  Boondocker 2860 turbo with a water to air innercooler, and VOHK tuning, anti-ratchet drivers, Ice Age bomber rails, Skins bumpers, Sled Solutions Storage, RSI handlebars and accessories, 2 Cool air venting, Ars FX Front End, Polaris windshield bag, and Fox QS3 shocks

You may not know this about me but i enjoy keeping my truck and other toys very clean.

I'm always busy, spending a day with me would consist of mechanical work or other jobs around the ranch. If it's a fun day it would consist of an adventure on dirt or snow.

I’m a mechanic for cars, trucks, trailers, 2 stroke, 4 stroke…I got it covered. I chose this profession because I love working on things, keeping my mind and hand's moving.

I first rode with Dan Gardiner, Phatty Dyer, and the Boondockers Team back in 2011. We rode in Utah after a long trip dropping off Kim's camel to be bred in MT.  My ford truck blew the engine in Montana and we had to get the camel the rest of the way with a rental. After we did that we hurried back to the truck, traded it in on a new Chevy 2500hd, loaded the sleds and trailer and got to Utah just in time for an unforgettable weekend!

I am really enjoying the Wyoming and Canada terrain.  Steep tree natural feature areas with lots of variety is so much fun.

I just got a new 2016 Chevy 2500HD, so no modifications yet but we will see.

I still remember hitting a good size cliff with Matt Entz in May when the conditions were perfect.  The weather was snowy, we set up a good runway and after we were all ready, the skies turned blue and it was go time. Matt went first, then I went…that was such a fun day.  Brandon ‘Tudizzle' Cox filmed from below, then we went back at the end of the day and he had a huge dinner all ready in the parking lot.

I never have a bad time riding, its all in the adventure from getting hurt to broken sleds. I don't just have one favorite riding buddy, all my friends offer a different type of ridding style, so all of them are fun to ride with. I strive to play as much as possible while maintaining a decent work load. This season I'm going to push my own limits in the backcountry from jumping natural terrain features to new steep drainage climbs and steep tree lines.

I have put 3500 miles on just my own sled in a season and that doesn't include the miles I put on loaners. I put the most miles on the sled I snow checked, a 2009 arctic cat M8 and put a Boondocker turbo on it out of the crate.   I rode this VOHK built monster for 4 years and 11,000 miles.