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Boondockers 15


For the Boondockers crew, snowmobiling is all about the opportunity for adventure and exploration in the winter backcountry with good friends. A winter of exceptionally low snowfall at home made for a memorable season of weekend road trips and powder chasing. Along the way we rode many new locations, gathered countless stories, and still managed to find more powder than sense. Join the Boondockers crew for an unforgettable winter of exploration, deep powder, and plenty of laughs.

Starring: Kris ‘Smasher' Kaltenbacher, Dan Gardiner, Adam Onasch, Geoff ‘Phatty' Dyer, Erik Woog, Brock Buttars, Anthony Oberti, Brock Berry, Ryan Searle, Nick Reedy, Kim Onasch, Ryan Nelson, Rick Barker, Cody Case, Shane Kynaston, Zak Collings, Stephen Darcy, Jesse O'Rourke and Aaron Case.

Intended for Audiences of All Ages

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