. Given the current circumstances, we thought it would be a great time to pay tribute to Boondockers’ Friends & Family by making a Friday post from the extensive library of film, stories, and photographs you’ve shared. We recently received a photo that captured this little girl in an original Boondockers beanie that our friend […]


Cain’s Quest is one of the longest and most gruelling snowmobile races in the world. A biannual endurance event that challenges teams with a 3100 km trek through the rugged winter terrain that defines Canada’s north eastern corner, Newfoundland & Labrador. . . For many riders, just crossing the starting line is a major accomplishment. […]


How would you react if the doctor said you’d never ride a snowmobile again? Can you imagine? Never grabbing that fist full of screaming throttle, pouncing the perfect pillow, or pulling another wild wheelie. No more ice fishing. Lake drags are out, and even a family trail ride is no longer an option. If you’re […]


Erik Woog was born with an itchy thumb. An irksome condition for certain, but after years of study and experimentation he’s discovered that the best relief comes from a snowmobile throttle and the handfuls of energy it transfers through his thumb driver. The more power it generates the better he feels, and thus the endless […]


We made a specific point of tracking down “The Skipper” on our last snowmobile trip to Newfoundland. Not that he was hard to find – we’d received 2′ of fresh snow the night before and correctly determined that his shoveling prowess would place him somewhere near the back deck of the resort’s third chalet. Despite […]


The Caleb Kesterke riding video we shared on this morning’s Boondockers Facebook Page makes us appreciate the powerful marketing position Polaris Inc. has created in back country snowmobiling. In a world that bombards us with commercials, social media blasts, or worse, “silly survival streams” – Polaris continues to rely on the most important promotional tool; […]


Boondockers often pay tribute to friends and family. We shout out to them on camera, and every set of film “credits” acknowledge their contribution and support. We often speak of them when we enjoy a home packed lunch on the trail, and the narrations in the latest Boondockers movie pay homage to “Relationship Capital” and […]


Elizabeth shouted to her little brother when she caught him sitting in a wind row eating snow with his bare hands; “Put your gloves back on James. Poppy always says the best way to keep your hands warm is not letting them get cold!” God love her, for no truer words were ever spoken nor […]


Dan Gardiner once wrote an article suggesting that Newfoundland’s Boondockers had converted to a new snowmobiling faith in the State of Utah. There’s no denying our feelings about the northwestern United States for this has indeed become our favorite place to ride on the entire planet. The area boasts some of the most dramatic terrain […]