Marathon Dan

Throughout the years in which we’ve been filming the Boondockers series of backcountry snowmobile videos I’ve come to witness many spectacular events, stunts and activities. We were there to experience the original Boondocker, Brian Seaward’s riding clinic when he side-hilled his way up the pole line above Grand Lake back in 1996. We sat jaw […]

Wiped Out

Given the number of serious snowmobile accidents this year I was not surprised to see Chris Brown’s recent comments on Rob Alford’s face book page – . Unfortunately Chris was beaten up pretty bad in a snowmobile wreck earlier this year so it is understandable that he would begin to question his own behavior […]

Guiding Light

Last year Dan Gardiner wrote a story about the many potential dangers we encounter every time we venture out on a snowmobile ride. From avalanche’s to broken bones – even something as simple as a damaged machine can place the most cautious rider in a position of terrible peril. Snowmobiles provide us with access to […]

Scratch and Dent

We recently engaged a computer / dissemination expert who suggested that we switch our weekly updates on the site from written stories to a video format. In order to fulfill this mandate we opened a ‘Youtube’ and a ‘Twitter’ account using the alias’ ‘Ericbowater’ and ‘Urbanbayman’. Thus far we have submitted fairly low key […]

Back On

I remember the last time we coordinated a snowmobile aerial show at the Pepsi Center in Corner Brook. It was a phenomenal experience that was enjoyed by nearly everyone in the city – riders, coordinators, sponsors, attendees…. Everyone! Surprisingly, the most awestruck that weekend was Jimmy ‘Blaze’ Fejes – and it really had little to […]

Back Tracks

We put on a Boondockers Marathon at Strawberry Hill last week. Sitting in the comfort of our old hangout and feeling rather nostalgic about the many great trips enjoyed at the resort, we decided to throw ‘Powder to the People’ in the DVD player and sat back to watch the revolution of the sport. This […]

A River Runs Through It

Each year we start our riding season with great expectations of deep powder, huge air, and unexplored terrain. As spring approaches, however, we always seem to find ourselves scrambling for the last face shots before spring replaces winter’s chill breath with the warmth only an extended day permits. For those hungry enough, you can still […]