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Boondocking comes from the Philipino word Bundock, which means mountains. Sailors brought the reference to the island of Newfoundland when they were building Military bases out in the boonies during World War II. In the snowmobile community, Boondocking has come to describe a type of riding that involves getting off the beaten paths, whether that means crashing through river bottoms, bouncing between trees, or just trying to navigate a route to that distant ridge it’s all about chasing the perfect snow conditions and terrain. Along the way the techniques and riding equipment have improved, allowing this unique breed of adventurers to evolve their quest for powder with flotation normally reserved for jackrabbits, otters and winter cats.

Much like its namesake, the Boondockers video series has its roots in the Canadian province of Newfoundland, home to some of the best snow and terrain east of the Rocky Mountains. Andrew McCarthy started in 2000 with the goal of showcasing this snowmobiling Mecca using a unique editing style and a focus on backcountry riding. After several years Andrew decided to partner with longtime friend Dan Gardiner and with a move to Salt Lake City, Utah the series really took off. Utah is home to the “greatest snow on Earth” and has served as the perfect base camp for Boondockers.

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