Erik Woog was born with an itchy thumb. An irksome condition for certain, but after years of study and experimentation he’s discovered that the best relief comes from a snowmobile throttle and the handfuls of energy it transfers through his thumb driver. The more power it generates the better he feels, and thus the endless developments and improvements he brings to Turbo systems and the boost they feed to his ride. 

“… cure for an itchy thumb…”

Apparently, Erik’s condition is quite common, and he has been helping hundreds of riders who suffer a similar fate. Erik’s shop and all the crew at VOHK racing have been satiating these irritations for years – drawing more and more raw adrenaline from an engine mill. All in the name of medical science.

“… helping hundreds of riders…”

Lately Erik’s been spending an inordinate amount of time scratching his noggin. A particularly vexing side effect that’s directly related to the issues with his thumb. Polaris’ new Patriot 850 engine is an extraordinary beast and while its proven to be a great salve, he knows the trigger on this ride can provide a cure for all that ails us. But she's so finely tuned, topping the factory specs has been challenging.

“…kept his head in the game…”

As much as we emphasize with his plight – we are so thankful he kept his head in the game and didn't start scratching less conducive body parts. From the looks of the most recent videos his hard work has paid off and his new turbo install will soon pump us to a whole new level of riding performance.

Thanks for all you do Erik