We made a specific point of tracking down “The Skipper” on our last snowmobile trip to Newfoundland. Not that he was hard to find – we’d received 2′ of fresh snow the night before and correctly determined that his shoveling prowess would place him somewhere near the back deck of the resort's third chalet.

Despite an icy pathway and our audible trek in the early morning quiet, we managed to approach him without detection: He was so concerted in his work, and at nearly 80, his hearing is not the best. So, we were rewarded with an opportunity to admire the efficiency for which he'd been dubbed – ‘The Human Tractor'. Shoveling away; “Square, square, lift….. Square, square, lift” – amazingly, the man seemed tireless.

“… pure comfort…”

“You haven't slowed a bit, Skipper!”; we exclaimed.

To which he quickly raised his head in recognition and graced us with an adoring smile;

“No boy”, he says, “seems this global warming just agrees with me. Years ago, we'd be froze to death at this but nowadays it's pure comfort!”

“Eh boy? Seems the climate hasn't changed nearly as much as the style of your dress! That's some kit of clothing you're sporting!” Noting the Klim suit which we “handed down” for this exact purpose

“… a lot of truth to that…”

“Yes” he says, raising his arms in acknowledgement. “I suppose there's a lot of truth to that! This is some kind of outfit they gave me. Not even a northeastern wind is getting through unless I happens to open these “heater vents” here. Gloves are warm and have held up through some length of shoveling and guiding this winter. Feet never sweat and these boots are so comfortable I allow I could go right to the dance hall and keep a “scuff” going all night. Even with my old prostate I can get at my pants zipper in a timely enough fashion. And for regards to that,” he added with a sly wink, “Boy, I got to tell you the women finds me some sexy in these duds!

I suppose that crowd on the television is right when they say man is responsible for changing the climate! Though they should probably spell it with a “K”. Get it? Klimate Change!”