We're planning to get the children on snowmobiles this winter – and as excited as they are, its difficult to contain our enthusiasm. Up till now, they just haven’t been up to the task and its really stymied our sledding for the past couple of years. But just as my father and uncles started bringing us out when we reached the age of eight, so will this be our year.

Looking at our children, its easy to understand the delay. Its only now that they’ve finally developed the size and strength, as well as the maturity to appreciate and respect the sport and its equipment. More importantly, they seem genuinely interested and are hopefully willing to tough through the rough spots.

“… seem genuinely interested…”

Though we can be the biggest whiners, children have a propensity to ignore cold, so caught up in the moment that they don’t even recognize the chill till they’re near froze to death. Since children rarely exhibit the best of sense – we must be certain they’re wearing good gear. As our grandfather liked to remind us;

“The best way to keep you hands warm, is to not let them get cold!”

“… the very best outerwear…”

Snowmobilers appreciate this more than anyone, and we therefore tend to purchase the very best outerwear, layers, caps, gloves, and boots we can afford. Sometimes stretching our budget knowing that a quality brand will last many seasons and therefore justifies the expense. Unfortunately, the opposite is often true for children who will outgrow their apparel before they even get to “Break it In”.

Thankfully a true Boondocker recognizes that value is a quantifiable measure when it comes to the cold, for even a single moment of discomfort can quickly spiral into an uncontrollable mess. Thus, the reason our children will also wear full kits of KLIM gear this winter. From socks to helmets, Klim simply make the best, longest lasting, most comfortable clothing in the market.

… also wear KLIM…”

And though it may seem costly at the onset, there are many additional and perhaps unrecognized resources to be considered while purchasing Klim gear;

  • Comfort – Youngsters are a simple as Ford’s Model T – Fuel, spark, and Oxygen. The car won’t work if the engine is starved. Keep children fed, rested, and comfortable, and all will be well. Klim assures their comfort, the sled will exhaust them, so your only concern is keeping the fridge full. That and the pile of dishes to clean.
  • Styling – Klim has the slickest looking line of apparel – reflecting the values of the back country and those who cherish its pursuit. Klim’s fashions come with a strong sense of function, beauty, and durability. Everything you want in a partner. Colour choices are stately; straight enough for church, but loud enough to be heard everywhere in the mountains.
  • Green Choices – Despite Klim’s signature black colouring, their clothing offers the greenest environmental choices. This is the only clothing our children will wear this winter – we don’t accumulate a pile of useless stuff. Their Klim jackets are ideal for snowmobile outings, and anything else you can imagine; school, play dates, mass, church, birthday parties, family gatherings. This is what they wear and love.
  • Peace of Mind – Camp days are great until we start to get ‘Camp Crazy’ – and the children are the first to lose it on foul weather days. The beauty of Klim’s protective materials, once dressed you can throw the whole lot of them out in any kind of weather. “Out by the door if you’re ‘Rough Housing'!” Some of our best memories come from those storm days and the freedom enjoyed while dressed for the conditions. Tunnels, snow men, ice jams, snow forts, sliding – hours of entertainment
  • Resale – Snowmobilers are more than familiar with resale of sleds and parts. The same consideration should be made with riding apparel which easily commands better than 50% of the original sticker price on a variety of ‘Buy & Sell’ online platforms
  • Hand me Downs – Smaller families reduce the need or even the concept of ‘Hand me Downs’ but this is a great way to kit up in good quality outdoor wear. Visit your local swap meets, spend time in your community, make new friends, join your snowmobile / ski club, and help spread the cheer.
  • Loss & Theft – An expensive jacket can be a worry on the playground where good things tend to be lost or disappear. This is a great opportunity to instill a true sense of ownership in your children, pride, personal responsibility, and awareness. Plus, wearing the same kit develops familiarity and routine, they’ll feel naked if even a single clothing item is missing.
  • Clean – Klim gear is not only water repellant, it almost seems dirt proof as well. If you choose the right colour combo, you’re Klim outfit will always look sharp, even handled by the greasiest paw or the grubbiest little hands.
  • Matching without the scratching. We love Grandmother’s home knits but Klim lets us define our family and its true sense of value, comfort, function, and style. Its not just the sleds that make us smile.
“… tell a man by his clothes…”
  • Prestige – Terrible thing to say but you can tell a man by his clothes and you can spot a Klim family from a mile away, healthy, wealthy and wise.