About 10 years ago, Craig Borden from Rugged Edge made a Facebook post with an unbelievable photograph of an Arctic Cat snowmobile launching a monstrous drop in Newfoundland’s Lewis Hills. This area is known for its blazing rocks – a “Red Sun Cone” that offers excellent terrain for brave and skilled riders. It was a perfect photo, one that required further questioning;

“… a Guinness Record…”

“Holy Lord suffering, Craig. That’s either a Guinness Record, the kids are messing with the photo shop again, or you guys have the world’s best action sports photographer living in Corner Brook, Newfoundland!”

Thankfully it was the latter – and his name is Mike (Kyody) McCarthy.

There is no one can deny this man’s dedication to his craft. He spends countless hours in the wilderness during every season of the year. Boasts an intimate knowledge of the riding terrain and shares an infectious passion for the sport and all the thrills we find in the back country. Best of all he never leaves home without a camera and is more than generous with his time and lens.

“… moose are always plentiful…”

There are lots of great photographers, but Mike has a magical quality that makes every mountain look bigger, ensures moose are always plentiful, and obviously encourages everyone to bring their very best game!

Please join us in offering Mike (Kyody) McCarthy the many accolades he deserves.

You know what to do!

“… red, sun cone…”