We flew all the way from Newfoundland to attend Salt Lake City’s annual Snowmobile show this past weekend. Quite a distance to travel for a two-day exhibit but this was a special year for the Boondockers backcountry snowmobile team, and it seemed important that one of the original crew should help man the booth and celebrate the occasion.

Just as Dan Gardiner took the reins in 2006, creative control of the latest Boondockers video was recently passed to Justin Cowett – and he has produced a masterpiece. Boondockers 16 is one of the most beautiful back country films you will ever experience. A perfect blend of skilled athleticism, beautiful cinematography, imaginative story boards, inspiring music, some local humour, and “Hollywood quality” editing.

“… to attend Salt lake City's…”

Our privilege was granted when Justin asked us to supply the narrations he felt were necessary to bring a sense of cohesion to this years film, and help reinforce its important sense of values. What an honour. Not only to maintain an affiliation with such a renowned team of world class athletes, but more importantly the chance to spend time in such a wonderful community. Boondockers fans are some of the finest people we’ve ever met – reminding us of our fellow Newfoundlanders who also find confidence in our strong “sense of place” and “belonging”.

The resulting narrations were simple to compose and record; in fact, two of them were completed in a single studio session. We simply closed our eyes, imagined everything we love about the Boondockers movies, and allowed the film to “Transmogrify” us to “an other worldly place.”

“… so much fun…”

The Salt Lake City sled show was so much fun, the film’s premiere at ‘Brewvies’ was riotous, and the Boondockers crew and their families are healthy, happy, and anxious to get started on an even greater production for 2020. What a beautiful world we share.

As you might already expect; it was definitely “The best trip yet!”

Many congratulations to Justin and Dan, the whole Boondockers crew, all our sponsors, and everyone with a passion for snow, the back country, and more time in the mountains.

Look forward to seeing you on the sled really soon.

Sweat your brains out!

“… Boondockers crew and their families…”
“… best trip yet!”