Lucky Lucas

I’ve had the good fortune to meet a lot of incredible characters throughout the 15 years we’ve been producing Boondockers Backcountry Snowmobile Videos, but one of my most memorable experiences was the ride I shared last winter with Brian Seaward and his son Lucas – an outrageously talented father and son combo who’ve been chasing each other through the steep woods of Pasadena, Newfoundland for a lifetime.

You know, for the amount of time I spend talking about Newfoundland rider Brian Seaward, you might wonder why he hasn’t featured more prominently in our Boondockers videos. While Brian played a starring role in the original Boondockers movie and a minor role in ‘2 Tangly’, we simply haven’t had the opportunity to ride with him since.

The fact is, we were either one year too late or perhaps we were just 15 years ahead of our time when it came to shooting a Seaward.

In 2001 Brian and I logged 7800kms together on the west coast of Newfoundland – riding, guiding, dropping and popping, digging and sawing, bumping and jumping, cooking and booking the most ridiculous winter imaginable. We would have made some movie that year. But things changed in 2002 when Brian found out that Carla was pregnant with Lucas. Suddenly he had responsibilities, and that changed him. Despite my assurances that all was fine, “Sure you’ve married a school teacher man. You’re only responsibility from here on in is making sure the fire is stoked for 3 o’clock!”, he got caught thinking, and made his family a priority.

I was happy for him, but I’d be lying if I were to say I wasn’t a little disappointed. Without Brian, the movie became an effort of pure futility. He was the only real professional quality rider in Newfoundland at the time and, as we truly believed we were creating something unique – we didn’t even know there were Dan Gardiners, Jay Quinlans and BJ Murrays in the world. Thankfully we carried on as best we could, stepping up the creative side to produce a couple of rather unique films that became the foundation upon which a brand was built.

I often say Boondockers could have been a very different video – but in this our fifteenth year, I am thankful things evolved as they did. Can you imagine Boondockers without Dan Gardiner? Can you even think of our videos without mentioning Klim in the same sentence? Where would we be without all those kids from Utah, Colorado, Idaho, California and Alaska? And most importantly, what would our future look like without young fellows like Lucas Seaward to pick up the reins?

Yes, young Lucas will be sixteen this year, and after watching him ride with his father last year – I believe we might just see things shift back to the ‘Seaward Side’ in the not too distant future.

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