The Much Anticipated New Site

We've been brainstorming on a new website for the Boondockers Crew for a while now and decided to make something happen. So without further ado, we want to introduce you to the New and Improved website! We encourage you to start looking around, following links and exploring our new site. We want you to notice a few new things we've given special attention to…for starters, visit the new Store, the Rider Page and then to the Movies Page that gives you the run down on all your favorite Boondockers' films.

In the Store you'll find a better layout, simple navigation, improved cart features, multiple payment options and exclusive products only found here on the site. It's important to point out that the new Site brings new advantages, coming back often is the only way to catch the “Shirt of the Month” before it expires or entering to win exclusive prizes packages or news updates about events and premiers or to get special deals you'll only find here in the new Store.


Look to the new Rider page for an interactive way to get caught up with your favorite riders. The page is easy to navigate between riders, learn about our passion for riding, read some cool stories, get the run down on our sled builds and enjoy a new photo gallery for all those sweet action shots. After you're all up to speed on the riders, head on over to the Movie page to get the scoop on all films in the Boondockers franchise. Find that favorite song in a soundtrack, remember which rider is in what film or get your fix from watching all the teasers while your waiting for Ol' Man Winter.


You better enjoy the new site, we built it for you. We love sledding and we love our fans. We'll see you at the snow shows in 2 months and like you, we're ready for winter.

3 thoughts on “The Much Anticipated New Site

  1. Great Web design.
    Love the rider profiles and highlight video.
    Easy to use.
    Love it.

  2. Site looks great! Nice work! I don’t see hats available in the store, but I’m sure you are working on that. I’ll pick one up at the Denver Expo from you guys! Is it winter yet?!?

    Drew Henderson

    1. Your right, we are working on it. Picking one up at the Denver Show is a great idea. We’re already looking forward to it.

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