Life Preserver

Knowing that this might further perpetuate a horrible rumour, I am yet again writing a story that features Brian Seaward; who BTW is definitely not dead!


“… is definitely not dead!”

Anyone that visits this site regularly is aware that Brian has been featured in two of my most recent Boondockers articles. It started innocently enough when I quoted Brian in an attempt to validate and explain the importance of properly adjusting your snowmobiles suspension to obtain maximum performance. That inspired another story about Brian’s influence on the sport of snowmobiling and the revolutionary changes he introduced regarding riding styles, sled modifications and elevating our sport to a whole new level of performance.

As is often the case when “one thing leads to another”, while looking for photos to support these articles, I happened upon an old shot of Brian making a large cornice drop somewhere near Newfoundland’s Eagle Mountain and decided to post it on Facebook to further emphasize his stature and importance to Newfoundland’s snowmobile community.


“… Brian's influence on the sport”

Imagine my surprise when I woke this morning and opened a private Facebook message inquiring if Brian Seaward had died!

Admittedly, I’ll have to assume most of the guilt for this misinterpretation. I have been horribly negligent regarding my writing for the Boondockers blog page which might leave some to believe that a terrible tragedy must have inspired my time at the keyboard.


“… to offer the simplest compliment”

But it also says a lot about society as a whole when we are unable or unwilling to speak kindly and publicly about our friends, families, neighbours, & colleagues. It’s amazing that we can find such lovely words to describe even the worst scoundrel in their obituary yet we can’t find it within us to offer the simplest compliment to those who might need it the most, the living beings that surround us every day; a practice that has become so foreign that my friend made the assumption that Brian Seaward must have passed in order to illicit such praise from me.

Grant - March 05 - 02 004

“… illicit such praise from me.”

Every writer hopes their words will inspire an audience to think or laugh, to modify their behaviour, to act in accordance or at least start a discussion or debate on a topic.  If there’s anything I wish for it’s that we start paying more attention to those we truly cherish and be certain to let them know how much we care for them, why we hold them in such esteem and how much we appreciate everything they do. It won’t kill you and might serve to be the very thing that makes their life worth living.

We should celebrate life every day but it won’t be much of a party if you aren’t sharing it with your friends.

Sweat your brains out!