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My friend Craig Borden calls me every single morning on his drive to work. Craig owns Rugged Edge Sports in Corner Brook, Newfoundland. He lives in Humber Valley so he has a 20 minute daily commute and leaves the house anywhere between 5 and 6:30 to open his shop at 7. He’s a hard worker, for certain and tells me I’m the only other person he knows that’s up and willing to talk at this hour.

Matt Entz

In a recent conversation Craig lamented about the fact that Facebook shut down his personal ‘Rugged Edge’ social media page and his only means of online communication was reduced to his commercial ‘Rugged Edge’ FB page.

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Now I don’t know if you realize it but this seriously hamstrings Craig’s ability to communicate with his social network community. A commercial Facebook page does not allow you tp tag friends on posts. It only has a direct reach to those people who actually ‘Like’ his page and you can’t invite people to ‘Like” your commercial page; unless you invite them from a personal FB page.


So how is he expected to continue hosting an effective online presence using Facebook? Well, as I see it he has two choices here. He can play the Facebook game and purchase promotions, pay for page ‘boosts’, and buy Facebook ads – or he can continue the great community work he’s shared for the past ten years of business and hope that you will do more than simply read his posts and occasionally hit the ‘Like’ button; instead, you and your friends will make the effort to ‘Like’ his page and actually ‘Share’ his posts.


I personally prefer the latter. I can immediately spot a paid ad on Facebook and I find them to be both annoying and offensive. They block my feed space, profess less than interesting content, shoot me away from my newsfeed page and rarely inform me of current, fun or interesting events.


What I do enjoy are the photos and stories from a snowmobile safety course that Craig hosted at Rugged Edge last month. Craig footed a significant bill to invite and transport spokespersons, provide snacks and drinks, supply his personal & staff labour, donate his building and organize a much needed event that relays an especially important message. When I saw this post I shared it with my network of friends. I wanted them to read it. I wanted them to get the message about Craig and all the ways ‘Rugged Edge’ gives back to the community. He’s a good corporate citizen.
When Craig posts photos of a successful ride he recently organized for a convention group – I shared it. He deserves the recognition and hopefully someone in my network who might be interested in hosting a similar event will reach out to his company to help build their plans. When Craig invites professional riders from the mainland to conduct riding clinics, builds one of the best floats for the city’s Santa Claus parade, sells swag from a local film company, pumps local photographers and artist’s works, donates equipment and makes himself available for nearly every public initiative – I ‘Share’ the content for everyone in my network to see. He gives so much to our community and it takes such little effort on my behalf to acknowledge his commitment and share his passion.


So my question now becomes more of a suggestion when I ask whether you want to see a generic ‘Klim’ advertisement from ‘Rugged Edge’ every morning, or would you prefer to share the story Craig plucked from our ‘Boondockers’ page to made you laugh when you read about Clem and his Klim Crabs.

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