Time Flies

Boondockers Crew
Wow, is it really late March??? If the saying is true, then the last 4 months have been off the chart fun. The season got off to a slow start in Utah and January was a bit of a dud. Despite challenging conditions, we made the most of it, including a few ridiculously deep days in Colorado. Fortunately, old man winter came roaring back in early February and the last two months of riding have been incredible.

Since I can't easily capture how awesome this winter has been so far, a rough top ten of the highlights:

1. A real snowpack! After 2 years of marginal winters, this season's average snowfall in parts of Utah has been awesome, not to mention a phenomenal winter for Wyoming, Colorado, and Idaho.

Matt Entz carve

2. Chasing the Boondockers crew through technical pillow lines, creek bottoms, and miles of untouched backcountry.
3. A VOHK-built Boondocker-powered Polaris RMK 800. This sled is a boondocking beast and hands down the best machine I've owned. A Timbersled rear suspension, Zbroz shocks and arms, Arctic FX graphics, and Sled Solutions storage round out the package.
4. Exploring new terrain. We threw out everything we thought we knew about riding areas and started charting new territory. You won't see any familiar terrain in Boondockers 11!

Spring Powder

5. Taking part in two avy and riding skills clinics for the Utah Avalanche Center. It was inspiring to see so many different riders of varying age and experience levels coming together to learn about backcountry safety.
6. Meeting new riders. I tend to avoid large groups for a number of reasons, fortunately I get suckered into it from time to time and wind up meeting lots of great people.
7. Shane Kynaston, OG, back in force. Technically, he is 47 years of age, but he's the youngest rider on the crew at heart.

Shane Kynaston

8. Seeing a young man out of California by the name of Anthony Oberti progress his riding skills after several years of mentoring.
9. Road trips, weekend warrior style. Get off work Friday afternoon, drive to the best snow, ride Saturday/Sunday, drive home in time for work Monday morning. Repeat the next week. This became a pattern early in the season when Utah had no snow. Kris Smasher Kaltenbacher and the California boys have this down to an art this winter.
10. Countless stories and laughs. You'll have to wait for the video for the best ones.

This list should be 100 long, but that's all I have time for now. There's still another 2 months of riding left and we plan to take advantage of every last day. April can be some of the best riding of the year…the parking lots are empty, the snowpack is thick, and there is still plenty of powder to be had if you're quick enough.

Smasher Creek Jump

ET fly home

Dan Gardiner bail


Sidehill Lesson

Sidehill lessons for Smasher

Smasher Crash

Any guesses on how this ends?

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