Nevada Trip Report

It's the time of year when many snowmobilers put away the sleds and turn their thoughts to summer hobbies, despite some of the deepest snow depths of the year at high elevation and the many spring storms that still offer deep powder. The only reason I can fathom is that these kind souls want to leave the snow untouched for those of us that are still riding. With fresh snow and blue skies in the forecast, this past weekend the Boondockers crew headed out to one of our favorite riding areas in Nevada (yes, the dry state with all of the desert).

Anthony Oberti climbing

Kris ‘Smasher' Kaltenbacher, Anthony Oberti, and Jesse O'Rourke made the trip from California to meet up with me, Shane Kynaston, Nick Reedy, Ryan Nelson, and Aaron Case in the middle of Nevada. Here, the Great Basin desert is interrupted by the 11,000+ft peaks of the Ruby Mountains rising suddenly from the valley floor. After crossing the Great Basin, Pacific storms hit this range and drop their moisture in the form of incredibly dry powder, and plenty of it. Although snow totals have been well below normal in the Rubys this year, we still managed to find lots of nice drops, jumps, and technical climbs. Check out a few shots from our trip and stay tuned for all of the action in Boondockers 10!

Special thanks to Joe Gill and Brian Ayala for hosting the crew.

Aaron Case Technical Sidehill

Aaron Case pulling a technical line

Shane Kynaston cliff drop

Shane Kynaston, Boondockers OG, still hits lines the kids wouldn't even think to look for

Kris Smasher Kaltenbacher

Kris Kaltenbacher dropping in

Anthony Oberti chute climb

Anthony Oberti on the straight and narrow path

Jesse Orourke nasty sidehill

Jesse O'Rourke eneded the day with a nasty line…huge consequences here!

Aaron in a tight spot

Aaron Case in a tight spot

Nick Reedy sled drop

Nick Reedy said this south-facing slope had some of the softest snow he has ever found, as evidenced by the reflective glaze coming off the snow

Nick Reedy

Nick, always the first to lend a helping hand

Aaron hood ornament

Aaron left with some minor cosmetic damage

Cadillac Sled Hauler

Travelling in style

Aaron Case Nevada Snowmobiling