Lot of Luck

Lucky Pierre shows up for work on Monday morning with a broken hand in a sling. His co-workers meet him at the cooler and noticing the cast exclaim – “Hey Pierre, what’s with the arm? You don’t look so lucky today!” “Ahhhh…” says Pierre, “You have no idea! This weekend you see I go to see de H’expos baseball and dis Gary Carter, eh? He step to de plate. He frappe the ball. It go up, up up – it come down, down, down – it land right between my girlfriend’s legs and break my hand in three places!” They all look to him somewhat stupefied and ask, “Eeeehhh…. What’s so lucky about that?” “Ahhh…” says Pierre, “that’s just it – it was a day game, had it been in the night it would have cracked my freaking skull!”

Ah lady luck – now there’s a girl who knows an opportunity when she sees one. I wonder if she realizes that the ‘Super 7 Lotto’ is set for $40 million this Friday. Can you imagine all the things you could do with that kind of money? Better get yourself a ticket – you never know how fluky you might be. Besides I can guarantee that your odds of winning are considerably better than my own since I won’t be playing. Not that I wouldn’t love to get my hands on that much cash, it’s just that I’ve never been very lucky and I’d just as soon spend the money I earn on gas!

Funny thing is though, I do consider myself to be quite fortunate and ever since we started producing the ‘Boondockers’ series of snowmobile videos, I am constantly reminded of my providence. Seems that everywhere we go a crowd quickly gathers to admire our truck, to rub elbows with our guests, to gush over our gear and listen to the wondrous tales which inevitably follow our every adventure – always qualified with an approving nod and the assurance that they too would emulate this lifestyle if and when their destiny should find them in possession of that fateful ticket whose perfect combination of numbers might be their god send.

And they say the Lord works in mysterious ways? How bewildering must our actions appear to those who would watch us endure such absurd probabilities while the game of life provides so many real opportunities for success? Take my advice kids – stay in school, work hard and get an education. Don’t be afraid to use your head, because this is not the time for you to be a coward and the best chance you’ll ever have of realizing your fortune lies in your own hands, right now.

Sweat your brains out!
-Andrew McCarthy

3 thoughts on “Lot of Luck

  1. Great article, I think that from time to time we all lose sight of the incredible opportunities that are constantly within reach, hoping instead that “lady luck” will bring them to our doorstep.

    Really looking forward to the Newfoundland trip!

  2. My bad – still calling you Daniel! Love when someone heard me use your full name and questioned you on it. “Who calls you Daniel?” and you responded – “Old people!”

  3. Thanks Daniel. Really looking forward to seeing the cover article we wrote about you for the January edition of ‘SledHeads Magazine’. Miss you desperately and certainly looking forward to riding with you in Newfoundland this winter!

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