Giddy just doesn’t describe it!

Boondockers 9

I heard a rumor that the Boondockers 9 Teaser is almsot ready for our viewing pleasure!
A big thanks to Dan Gardiner, Andrew McCarthy, Geoff “Phatty” Dyer and any others for so much TLC and time spent creating something that gets our adrenaline jacked thru the roof. WOW! I'm thinking of some of the monster drops and launches this year and my heart is racing…you can see the vein pulsing in my neck…FO REALS.
For safety's sake, be sure to grab a hold of something sturdy when you watch the Teaser and let that Adrenaline crank :-O

Boondockers 9

3 thoughts on “Giddy just doesn’t describe it!

  1. Words cannot describe how stoked I am 🙂 .. Seriously tho, I’m doing a happy dance. Loved the teaser Dan!

  2. SUPER STOKED! I even watched BD8 the other day just so I can get ready. BD8 is awesome, but I know this year is going to top all the rest.

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