Bombs Away

With the exceptionally late start to winter this year many of my fellow snowmobilers prematurely gave up on the season and moved on to other hobbies in January or February. This has been reflected in nearly empty parking lots, low traffic on the snowmobile forums, and an inordinant amount of pristine untracked bowls, canyons, and river bottoms (I'm not complaining). Not the Boondockers crew! The last two months we've been chasing every storm and riding every day like it might be our last. The last three weeks of riding have been especially memorable.

After an epic trip to Southern Colorado to ride with Matt Entz 3 weeks ago, the last 2 weekends in Utah were filled with deep powder, big drops, technical lines, and endless laughs. A few highlights included:

1- Matt Entz dropping several ridiculous 100ft.+ drops on his VOHK turbo Pro RMK
2- Matt and Kris ‘Smasher' Kaltenbacher double jumping an 80ft. cliff
3- 2 days of deep powder and technical trees in the snow last weekend with nearly the entire Boondockers crew: Kris Kaltenbacher, Matt Entz, Ryan Nelson, Rick Barker, Geoff ‘Phatty' Dyer, Aaron Case, Ryan Searle, Cody Case, and Nick Reedy
4- Riding VOHK turbos with Matt Entz in the Utah trees and creek bottoms (we got an up close view of a few)
5- Riding deep powder and jumping to a backdrop of one of the most spectacular sunsets I've witnessed
6- Hours of the best Boondockers footage we've ever captured

Enjoy a few teasers from out latest rides. You'll have to wait for Boondockers 9 to catch all of the action and the biggest hits! Photos by Jackie DeWolfe

Matt got hungry and decided to go fishing
Nick Reedy launches a nice gap through the trees

I'm fairly certain Shane Kynaston is one of the only grandfathers out riding like this

Matt put the turbo to good use on this drop…

Dan Gardiner on a Pro RMK

Steve Darcy, the one person you never have to worry about losing in a snow storm

This looks like a nice spot for lunch

5 thoughts on “Bombs Away

  1. Good article Dan, I must say I’m sad I missed the tree gap thinking I might need to come out and ride ASAP.

  2. Great pictures and always a great read Dan. Although the late start to winter in Utah, this has been one of the most memorable snowmobile years for myself.

  3. I’m paying $6/gallon for gas down here…although that’s for aviation gas in my turbo! Can’t imagine what that would do to the industry down here to have prices like that. Phatty might start pulling his one place trailer behind his Prius at that point.

  4. Awful lot of truth to that though according to the number of trucks and trailers I saw on the highway this Thursday – Newfoundlanders are willing to drive a long way for the experience. And we’re paying $5.60 a gallon for gas and over $6 gallon for diesel

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