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I met a fellow Boondocker at a mining conference in Vancouver last month. We were attending a social that a mutual friend hosted at his beautiful condo in Coal Harbour. A bit of a set up actually since our host (David Greenway) has been a ‘Boondockers’ sponsor since 2008 (SNS:TSX.V, GFN:TSX.V, AOX:TSX.V) and knew one of the boys (Alex Deeds) from ‘National Drilling’ was an avid sledder.

Needless to say we provided the exact reaction our host imagined. Alex was more than exuberant when he spotted the collection of Boondocker snowmobile videos on the counter. He was most appreciative when he realized the DVD’s were in fact gifts for all in attendance. And he was especially gracious when David introduced me as the series founder and co-producer.
Though it has been a long time since I enjoyed any of the glory that comes through my association with Boondockers I maintained the stoic presence I’ve always adopted when I meet our fans. My mindset assumes that they’ve already seen my best so by letting them speak, I can usually extract the fodder for a great yarn, a few laughs or perhaps I might discover the greatest rider in the world – whether that be him or his best buddy! LOL

Fortunately Alex hit on the first two categories as we certainly shared a thousand giggles and a ridiculous night in Vancouver. More importantly, he introduced an entirely new audience perspective that neither Daniel nor I had ever considered in our history of planning, shooting or editing the Boondockers series.

Alex explained that he never grows tired of watching snowmobile videos. He can watch the same movie over and over, often repeats entire segments and slow mo’s his favorite clips. Not because of the brilliant powder though “how could you deny yourself of that?” Nor is it the comical quips from the riders, the spectacular scenery or the dizzying drops. No Alex primarily uses his snowmobile videos as instructional tools.

He’s most interested in where ‘Smasher’ positions his feet for those long side hill pulls. He notes when Matt resorts to the top side paddle that ekes him through some of the deepest snow patches. He watches Ryan time each and every perfect bounce down a powder packed chute. He calculated the range within which Dan hooks his hips in the trees and of course, noted the throttle sounds when Rick and Phatty launch and land those ridiculous drops.

You might not be able to teach an old dog a new trick but I thinks its fair to say that Alex and the boys at National proved – we’ve laid down a pretty solid platform for them to leap from!

Sweat your brains out!
-Andrew McCarthy

4 thoughts on “Monkey See

  1. I love this crew I could not ask for a better group of guys to ride with. Each person holds a amazing and different quality. I have been riding for over 25 yrs and everytime I go out and ride with my fellow riders I feel as if I gain some new knowledge. Inn the past five years of riding with the boondockers crew I have learned a lot and have gained some amazing friends along the way. It is a privilage and honor to ride with all of them. I could not be happier to be to part of the boondockers crew. Great article and happy our fans like us.

  2. This is so true, these videos are purely professional lessons to me. I can’t watch sleddin videos without my muscles tensing up as if I were actually riding. Thanks for the good insight Andrew.

  3. Hit the nail on the head Andrew! Upon learning my new found “skills” in mountain riding from being a flatlander, I couldn’t have lucked out more than riding with Dan. I say it’s one of his perks..haha. To see how excited people are to ride with Dan, Phatty, Matt, Ryan and the rest of the crew makes me smile. And when they do big drops or climb high in the trees taking ridiculous lines, and hearing the commentary of how insane it is just makes
    the riding that much better that day. I can say I’m learning from the best every weekend this season, (although record drops are not in my cards) but truly it’s the comradery these guys’ have and how down to earth they are. Which in my opinion sets a great example for future sledheads!
    Keep doing great work guys 🙂


  4. That’s just fantastic!! Your a stud Andrew. Alex isn’t alone, I do the same thing! I love the instruction I get from the videos, love watchin the best!

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