Deep Snow, Blue Skies, and Good Times…

After a painfully slow start to the season we finally scored back-to-back weekends of fresh snow and good weather. Last weekend Kris “Smasher” Kaltenbacher, Anthony Oberti, and Charles Bluth made the long haul from the Nevada desert to find snow in Southern Colorado and Utah. We were not dissapointed! After 2 days of riding in Colorado with Matt Entz, a day of technical boondocking in Utah, and hundreds of miles of all night driving all hands were thoroughly exhausted.

This weekend we stayed close to home in Utah and laid down the first tracks of the season in some of our favorite boondocking canyons, bowls, and river valleys. Despite the low snowpack this year, we were pleasantly surprised to find good coverage and a nice coat of fresh Utah powder. Enjoy a few still shots from the past 2 weeks and stay tuned for all of the real footage in Boondockers 9!

Photos by Jackie DeWolfe and Charles Bluth

Matt Entz loving the 2012 Polaris RMK (w/ a Boondocker Turbo and VOHK tuning…)

Kris Kaltenbacher starting off the Colorado trip right

You know it was a good day when all gas gauges point to E

Nick Reedy dropping in

Zak Collings

The Boondocker/VOHK turbo with a Timbersled suspension loves to fly!

Nick Reedy sidehilling

Jackie making a nice carve

Just keep it between the markers!

Charles, Anthony, and Dan in Matt Entz's backyard

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  1. Nice to see the riding but also comforting to know that the area will have some water for the long, dry summer months ahead. Unlike Newfoundland, I realize that Salt Lake and that entire region really does rely on melting snow for the water supply

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