Do you know…The Smasher !?

Thanks to Sledworthy magazine you will!

How about a little background first…Sledworthy Magazine is based in the Atlantic Region of Canada and was started by Andrew Goldsworthy in 2005. The magazine's goal was to profile the great riding in Atlantic Canada, which Andrew and the guys have done very well. In pursuit of Sledworthy Magazine's goal, they have connected with some North American riding talent that brings about the fusion of Atlantic Canada's and North America's riding styles that can be generalized as Backcountry Riding. Our desire to ride and explore the backcountry is what unites us! Going with that theme, Sledworthy Magazine thought that Kris Kaltenbacher, The Smasher, is a shining example of that fusion. Since Smasher's debuts in the Team Summit; Elevation video series, his popularity and impact has only grown. By combining class act riders like Smasher and with passionate mainstream writers from Sledworthy Magazine, they got the whole scoop on Kris “Smasher” Kaltenbacher. You'll read about a guy that loves his family and loves to ride, appreciates the struggle to get to where he is, he's humble and grateful about his success, represents sponsors like Sierra Sport and Marine with integrity, a funny easy-on-the-ears entertainment, man of his word…oh yeah, did we mention he can ride? You'll be able to read more about his love for anything sledding, sidhillin', climbin', jumpin', etc. Get Sledworthy Magazine's October Issue and read all about The Smasher! If you can't get enough of The Smasher, click here to visit the Kris “Smasher” Kaltenbacher Showcase Page. You should know, Sledworthy Magazine has a great subscription offer right now, 5 editions a year for 2 years under 20 dollars! Get your subscription set up now, email Andrew Goldsworthy with Sledworthy Magazine at and he'll help you get it all setup or visit the new magazine's website,, it will be up and ready in two weeks.