GUP – Great Uncle Pat

Our last ride of the snowmobile season proved that my Uncle Pat is still one of the coolest cats on the continent. It was a last minute trip, though one we’d been planning for months. Cancelled the week before for lack of snow, the weather turned in our favour and we had mere hours to gather enough guys to fill the camp. This was not a time to call the faint of heart – only real men with a true sense of adventure and a spontaneous nature could be relied upon. My first call was to Pat.

Pat is my father’s youngest brother and we are relatively close in age. He is a confirmed bachelor, an avid outdoorsman, a dedicated snowmobiler and a construction contractor. He’s a great shot with a rifle, is in the woods every weekend, and is the handiest man I know. As a child I idolized him (I still put only mustard on my burger or hot dog because that was all he had on his). These days I consider him to be my best friend.

Thus I shouldn’t have been so apprehensive after I made the call. I guess the generational gap is difficult to bridge completely and I was uncertain as to whether he’d be fully accepted or worse, put a damper on the boys’ trip. Fortunately he fit in like a glove. The boys were more than impressed by his riding prowess and his skills in the woods gained him the same adulation I’ve often bestowed. He even walked out with a new handle that suits him perfectly; Les Bond – see if you can figure that one out!

Conditions weren’t ideal that weekend but they were perfect. We enjoyed a great ride and while I’d like to thank all hands (including Adrian and Marge at Main River Safari) I’m especially grateful to my uncle for the outlook he’s obviously passed to me. There aren’t many guys you could rely on with such short notice– whether they lack passion, gumption or permission. We packed a lot into our days and while our group may have included a few old dogs – we can take consolation in the fact that the time we spent allows us to qualify for dog years. And at the ripe old age of 294 I’ve still got 140 years before I catch up to my uncle.

Sweat Your brains out!

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  1. Sounds like we need to ride with Pat next time I make it up!

    I know Newfoundlanders carry a great sense of pride in their homeland, but I hope you are aware that Newfoundland is still an island, not a continent.

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