Smithfork, Wyoming…it’s about time we made it

We've been trying to get over to Smithfork, just south of Afton, all year long. Snowmobiling is great over there. Love the country, terrain and all the different riding applications. After you get on the trail and start heading in, you start turning into a little kid. As your looking around, the excitement starts welling up inside like a 8 year old kid in a candy store with a 100 dollars to spend…needless to say, you're excited.

We started finding places to play right away. We quickly learned that the snow condition was quite favorable and they had a close to normal amount of snow. We'll admit, we were kind of expecting good snow conditions, but to have them be true was a welcome fact. Down low, the snow was great but no real base, it made it a bit tricky to pick our way up through the trees. Up higher was different, we still found the same amount of power but it was on a base and kept getting better the higher we went.

It had gotten warm recently, you could tell by how set the ‘sun-baked' areas were. There was still powder, just not deep and fluffy. We quickly learned where to find the deep and fluffy, a magnet kept drawing us into the trees and it continued to be a great payoff. We found some awesome gully banging and technical trees lines…boy was it fun.

Did I mention that the terrain Smithfork has is fantastic. We found great technical tree climbs, open hill climbing, fun rolling terrain, fun step-downs, easy cliff drops and some hittable rollers. Just a great day, spent 6 hours riding and got back to the truck right at dusk. At the end of the day, no breakdowns, everybody worn out and no more gas…mmmm, good day. If you haven't picked up on it, just love to snowmobile in Smithfork.

4 thoughts on “Smithfork, Wyoming…it’s about time we made it

  1. aaron,
    was up there 2 weeks after you…
    smith’s fork is an awesome place to ride!!
    i had played around up there the last couple of years, but hadnt really ventured very far into the area. this year i went up for 2 days with a guy who really knew the area well. the first day was pretty tuff visibility w/ snowin and blowin all day. but that means that the next day, when it’s bluebird, the conditions were perfect. found some incredible ridin the second day. am definately amped to get back up there this winter!!

  2. Aaron is getting pretty good at handling the camera these days. It is also nice when you have a good camera to work with. It also helps when the conditions are great, sun shining, good snow and plenty of time to get in position to get the good shot.

  3. Either you boys borrowed Napier’s camera or someone is especially skilled with their trigger finger. Beautiful shots – nice to see the hunt for powder is still great and white! In these times – only the truly dedicated are rewarded.

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