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I remember the last time we coordinated a snowmobile aerial show at the Pepsi Center in Corner Brook. It was a phenomenal experience that was enjoyed by nearly everyone in the city – riders, coordinators, sponsors, attendees…. Everyone! Surprisingly, the most awestruck that weekend was Jimmy ‘Blaze’ Fejes – and it really had little to do with his show finale and the first back flip ever performed on a snowmobile in Newfoundland.

On their last morning I was driving Jimmy to the Deer Lake Airport to catch his return flight. He hardly said a word – which was unusual for a man whose livelihood is largely dependent on his athletic prowess and an especially exuberant personality. Fifteen minutes into the drive I had to ask if everything was alright. “Andrew….” He says while shaking his head – “We’ve never experienced anything like this in our entire life. We’ve done these shows everywhere in the world and never received that kind of response – this degree of hospitality and appreciation. The crowd was amazing and their accolades were overwhelming! I mean, I signed 31 breasts last night Andrew!” To which I of course queried – “How’d you end up signing an odd number Jimmy?” “No Andrew,” he says “31 sets – I wrote Jimmy up one side and Blaze down the other!”

Yes I guess you could say it was one heck of an night – but in retrospect it’s not really that surprising. If there’s one thing I’ve observed in my travels it would have to be the depth of Newfoundland’s snowmobile culture. No matter where you head, be it Revelstoke, Utah, Idaho, Colorado, anywhere really – you just won’t find a crowd so dialed in to the snowmobile mindset as you will here on the island. Head out anywhere in the province and all you’ll hear are exhaust cans; nearly everyone has a set of riser blocks and a set of aftermarket bars, there is an inundation of Sled Necks, Monster and Red Bull apparel, and a stock track is nearly nonexistent. Make no wonder the Pepsi Center in Corner Brook were so anxious for us to coordinate another snowmobile freestyle show at the stadium.

As I often like to remind the crowd on the mainland. We don’t receive guests very often and when we do it’s an excuse to party. Can you imagine the celebration were going to have with the ‘Get Cracking Ski-Doo’ Tour on Saturday, February 13? We’ve got 4 of the top X Games athletes lined up for this event and with all hands busting their latest and greatest tricks, this promises to be a show you won’t want to miss!

See you at the Pepsi Center – Saturday, Feb 13th at 7:00pm – doors open at 6:00

Sweat Your Brains Out!

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  1. It will be fine! I’ve done it with 4 kids now and I’ve survived, the past few trips witouht the aid of a portable DVD player to boot (my MIL broke it..LOL). We tried to stop often during waking hours, look for parks or playgrounds for the kids to run around and play for a bit. If the weather wasn’t great we’d stop at fastfood joint that had a Playplace. This is something you can plan in advance before your trip instead of crossing your fingers hoping that there will be one at that exit. Presonally, I think it should be mandatory for each exit sign to post them..LOLWe’re heading to Ottawa and Montreal from NB in July and are really looking forward to it, we’ll only have 3, my eldest is staying home with her grandparents! Have a great trip, can’t wait to read about it!

  2. Show was awesome!! haha Ferguson stomped some nice flips and got the crowd loving it!

    Im sure everyone on the island is looking forward for your return too dan….bring the cameras haha

  3. Can’t wait to hear all the stories from this year’s madness! The Newfoundland people are great and I’ve never been to another place where snowmobiling is such a big part of the culture. The island’s terrain is also some of the most underrated in North America and I look forward to getting back.

  4. Awesome story , no doubt some of us are snowmobile fans , some are die-hard participants , and some of us live the sport every day . It’s the greatest motorsport in the world and it’s deepest roots are in Newfoundland.
    Way to go with this Get Crackin event , thanks to Joey and yourself for bringing such quality entertainment to the province’s West Coast, we certainly appreciate having this.

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