Weather Warning

One of the things which I really came to appreciate during the time I spent in Utah is how diligent they are in keeping track of local weather forecasts. Despite the fact that the snow is almost certain to be superb no matter where you ride, the kids are always mindful in their quest for the perfect powder day. In fact the only time I’ve seen them disagree is over a proposed riding destination. To his credit, Daniel is usually the one to follow whenever such discord arises.

I on the other hand am not. While my last article makes me appear somewhat hypocritical, I have to admit that I couldn’t resist temptation and so joined the boys for a ride on the west coast of Newfoundland last weekend. Just as I suspected, there was little snow to be seen anywhere. Secretly I believe I was somewhat elated to have proven myself correct in suggesting that this adventure was misguided. Instead I should have delved into the weather channel, my maps and some local lore.

The next day half our group trailered to one of our spring departure sites in Cormack and spent half a day and nearly 72 kilometers riding on a snow pack that barely covered the road gravel. At the same time the remaining riders took a perfect triangulation from our launch point and despite the fact that we were only separated by approximately 25 kms from the start and met at the apex – they beat their way through some of the deepest snow imaginable.

I might not be wet behind the ears anymore but I’m not snow blind either. As an island people whose livelihood was forever based on the sea, we Newfoundlanders have long realized the importance of recognizing weather patterns. You could say our lives depended on. Now I understand this wasn’t a do or die situation but given the value we place on our free time you’d think I’d know better. Talk about teaching an old dog a new trick – perhaps I should be working on perfecting the ones I already know.

Sweat your brains out!

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  1. Many thanks to Danica Crewe for providing the photos provided. Apologise for this – so used to my own pics and wouldn’t want to misrepresent. Great job darling.

  2. That first pic suggests that the snow was getting deep right there. What kind of terrain is in that area? I see the pics and it seems pretty mountainous…

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