Searching for Snow

Us Idaho boys weren't able to make it down to Utah to ride with Dan and the rest of the other Boondockers, but we still made it out this weekend. Dan explained it well, the name of the game was finding snow. After fighting snowy roads, multiple snow plows and snowed in parking lots our hopes for some snow began to increase.

We set out with a plan to ride a big loop, there were 3 areas that we wanted to hit in search of snow. We headed to the first area and enjoyed busting a trail through 12 inches or more of powder. We decided to push our luck and move to area 2. Area 2 paid off, we had to ride a bit of trail to get there. As we worked our way we noticed that there continued to be a decent amount of snow. We got into the second area and decided to jump to the other side of the creek and try getting to a few open areas.

HOLY COW…COME ON BABY…WHERE DID ALL THIS SNOW COME FROM…I'M GONNA BE STUCK!! After a few hundred feet of banking around trees and full throttle I finally made it to the clearing where the powder thinned to only 12-14 inches. It took a long time to work our way up to another clearing where we found deeper powder. After finding and tracking up deep powder in the surrounding areas we crossed back over and worked our way back to the trail. We sure spent a long time across the creek, but it was a welcome surprise…YEEEHAAA!

As we worked our way on the last third of the loop and past the third area we wanted to visit, we were even more surprised. The third area only had 12 inches of snow on the ground at maximum, that depth included the 6 inches of powder they had gotten that day. We dropped down through the tree where we normally do to bypass the trail and were literally scared as we followed a path revealing that the snow was lucky to make it half way up the forest weeds. Unbelievable, I still don't believe what I saw.

I re-learned two things, riding is only as good as the snow and to live it up when there is snow.

Didn't get any pics, my apologies. Happy Powder to everyone.