Getting Through Summer

Summer is a tough time of year for many sledders. We share the passion to ride our sleds in some of the most adverse condition due to the hold snowmobiling has on us…you can call it an addiction.
When there is no more than a sciff of snow in some extrememly remote and un-accessible locations we are forced into finding other outlets to tide us over till the snow falls. To most of us, this is no new news right? We have to admit, the amount of time we spend driving, riding, wrenching and coordinating, the summer seems to be a blessing in disguise. At first we enjoy the break, we can get those chores done that have been nagging us, call that guy back that left us a message 7 months ago and so on.
Soon the novelty of sleeping in on a Saturday's, no making up for time off of work wears off and you need to find that release, you know, tap into some of that adrenaline you haven't enjoyed for several weeks. It's time to ride again. This breaking point for me was three weeks after putting my snowmobile out of commission. I have taken advantage of some unique chances this year to get out with some great fellow outdoor enthusiasts who share my addiction to the outdoors.
I've enjoyed hiking with Dan, Phatty, Dave and Steve from Boondockers. Camping with In-laws, Mom, Dad and Brothers. Out motorcycling with my best friend Ryan, my brothers Drew and Cody, Phatty from Boondockers and Mike from Utah Shared Access Alliance only to name a few. Great memories, great people and great God for giving us such magnificent scenery.

3 thoughts on “Getting Through Summer

  1. We must be spoiled rotten in the winter. You know you are a sled addict when you are still thinking about the snow when you are motorbiking, camping, or backpacking…

    Those were great times in the Wind Rivers!

  2. I know we have better dirt bike pics than that and you didn’t tell me that your hike to camp with Dan and the gang had snow in it. Now I’m jealous. You got to see snow in july.

  3. hey aaron,
    next time your down this way, give me a call. it’d be great to do some outdoor adventuring with ya.

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