California Gold Rush, Part 2

Day 3: If it could go wrong it did. With no snow at the trailhead we started cruising up the old dirt road, which was dusty at first. After the first corner we found the road was also a creek bed. So now it was a muddy boulder field with melt water rushing down. That proved to be quite hard on the sleds so we opted into the bushes on the hill side and just headed up. Luckily the snow line wasn’t too far up the hill and there was plenty of it up there.


We went over the top and down into the jump park. Someone had taken a snow cat back up in there and built a jump course that included some sweet tables, and a big booter that had several options on it. Everyone immediately started making loops around the track. After clearing a little 20 foot double and nearly knocking my teeth out I decided that the course was still to icy and hard and needed some sun to soften up. Others would find this out the hard way. Sarge took the same double I did and broke his rear idler wheel. Big Air Rick was launching Bev (The team sled, a 2008 Rev) until her suspension mount on the tunnel cracked and broke. Shane, Rick, and sarge went back to fix the sleds at the truck while the rest of us moved on to Castle Rock. We met up with some other Team Summit members who had come in from a different parking location, and proceeded to play in this bowl while waiting for Rick and Shane to get back. Sue Schaur made a sweet pull up through some rocks, but upon turning out found the other side of the slope to be icy, she slid right down in to a rock and bailed at the last second. She smacked off the rock breaking several ribs and puncturing a lung. Needless to say we got her life flighted out. What a tremendous job the care flight and CHP did on plucking her from the side of the mountain.


The CHP was really excited that we had filmed the rescue because they don’t have any video of their rescues. Meanwhile upon returning to the trailer to fix the sleds, a police officer was harassing shane about not having registration stickers on his sled. So Rick and Shane had to leave Shane's sled and ride double back in. This ended up worked out good because Shane was able to ride Sue's sled out. Clint was anxious to pull a monster chute out of Warren Lake so we decided to head down the creek and work our way around. About half way down the creek gave out when Jackie tried to cross it. Fortunately not all of us had dropped in yet. When Shane tried to ride her sled up and out, the side bank gave out causing the sled to come straight over on him. The bars went right into his chest. Broken sternum, ribs, and bruised heart. Turns out the bruised heart is a pretty serious thing and he has to stay within 15 minutes of a hospital in case the heart ruptures… So some of the people had enough and headed back (the smart people). The rest of us move on to warren lake to watch some awesome displays of chute climbing.


Clint took his turbo up a monster chute. Jesse took his sled up a big chute, crested out the side, and side hilled above some cliffs. Anthony then tried to climb straight up through the cliffs that jesse just sidehilled over. He got stuck about 100 feet from the top. Pictures cannot do this hill justice. Everyone rushed to the top where we roped the sled to a tree higher up, then we all pulled the thing up the rest of the chute. It was incredible the teamwork that went into this rescue. Graciously, Anthony picked up the bar tab for everyone later that night. We finally headed back down but not before watching an awesome sunset over the Sierra’s. I should add that more snow had melted on our way down causing for some serious bush whacking boondocking to make it back to the trucks.


Day 4: We stopped by the hospital on our way home and checked on Sue. She seemed to be in pretty good spirits and was even joking about how she couldn’t wait to ride her new sled! The doctors were optimistic for a full and speedy recovery. We at Boondockers would like to wish Sue well! After that it was back across the vast desert with dreams of what lies ahead. Special thanks to Jeff Teeter and Kris and Tracy Kaltenbacher for hosting us on the trip, and to all those who came out to ride with us and helped with Sue. See you all next April! Don't miss all of the action in Boondockers 6!

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  1. Gang!

    Can’t thanks everybody enough for helping get my wife out of that area… 5 unintentional broken ribs,1 puntured lung, 1 intentionally broken rib, 36 staples, 2 helicopters 30+ people, 8 days in ICU 10 days in the hospital, 2 surgeries later and a totalled chariot…. what a story… and if there is any other testimony to what absolute impeccable ambassadors to the sport than the Team Summit/ Boondockers crew is I can’t tell you another. Being privileged to be the photographer for Team Summit last year and ride / film with them then being invited to Utah you guys demonstrated time after time what true professionals and PEOPLE you all are… Phatty, Rick, Dan, Ryan N.,Jeff D. hell just EVERYBODY to have the privilege to ride and film with you guys was the opoprtunity of a lifetime…. not only did I feel welcomed into your world but engraciated to do what ever I can to convey how cool you guys are to the sport. Susie is totally appreciative of all the help, prayers, support and well wishes…. and she hopes to eventually make it East to see what I have been clucking about all year LOL…. Shane I am glad you came out of your escapade well and Anthony…. what can i say… there can only be one Jesus sled…. man is that a hill…. wished I could have stuck around to see…. can’t wait for the movie guys…. Rip it up and can’t wait to see you all again

    Jeff Schauer aka King

    Support your local CHP! (never thought I would say that 🙂 )

    And buy the air ambulance insurance worth every dime

  2. Aww crap, I mean BoondOckers 6 comes out, could someone edit that please?

  3. Holy crap, that hill that Oberti is stuck on looks INTENSE.

    Were the injured wearing tekvests at all?

    Can’t wait until Boondockers 6 comes out!

  4. Tell us more Johnny boy! Love to hear your story and I know that like every Newfoundlander – you can spin a good yarn. Jot a few lines and send a few pictures – share the wealth man. There’s fellows dying to get out for a ride and like myself, would love to live vicariously through you for a change. Thanks for staying in touch brother!

  5. Well thankfully the trip to Cooke City was far more uneventful with respect to carnage then yours. Hope all those injured come out ok…they have couple months to recover now anyway.

  6. So much for ‘Big Fish’ stories – then again, it’s always better to promise less and deliver more! God love Phatty’s modesty.

  7. Looks like I missed out! Geez Phatty, don’t you accurately measure all of the jumps you do?

  8. A bruised heart! That sounds horrible. Best of luck with the recovery. You guys continue to raise the carnage level every time you all meet up. Can’t wait for some footage. And to think all we had was a 145′ downhill jump, how boring!

  9. i think some of your info is wrong on here…just want to help u keep ur facts straight as we have had a ton of people comment about this….. especially about the “snocross” track
    jumps go as follows 3 40-50 foot doubles…money booter at 115 with 90 75 60 and 35 side hit options……and yah the builder of the track would like to remain totally unknown… thanks for your time
    tahoe freeride

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