A River Runs Through It

Each year we start our riding season with great expectations of deep powder, huge air, and unexplored terrain. As spring approaches, however, we always seem to find ourselves scrambling for the last face shots before spring replaces winter’s chill breath with the warmth only an extended day permits.


For those hungry enough, you can still seek out those last powder caches—sometimes higher up, sometimes down in the woods, or as the Boondockers crew discovered, in those frozen river beds. There the ice has been building all winter long and as long as you are cute enough to mind the sinkholes and open water, some of the deepest and freshest powder is yours for the taking.


This is where miners searched for their mother load and just as they must have celebrated their discovery, so do we, with endless gobs of the finest champagne winter pops. Don’t worry about the hangover though, because with fifteen rivers within twenty minutes of the camp you can always chase it away.


This is the best high you will ever experience. Don’t forget to lick your lips for the sweet after taste. And why hasn’t someone come up with an aftershave that smells like burning gas, powder, and frostbite? AA takes on a whole new meaning up here, powderholics all of us! So drink it up and keep that track spinning, rubber side down preferably.

-Andrew McCarthy

5 thoughts on “A River Runs Through It

  1. I don’t know how many people I told that was Warren Miller…good times those days McCarthy. That was a good segment…good memories…

  2. That segment in Boondockers 2 Tangly really captured the feeling of boondocking creek bottoms. The tight and steep creek bottoms are my favorite. They are safer in terms of water/ice hazards, technically challenging, and provide access to areas that are otherwise inacessible.

  3. Now that brings back memories. Had to throw ‘Powder to the People’ on to get the full effect with voice over on ‘Boondockers 2 Tangly’ Thanks Dan

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