Wreck and Roll

I’ve been doing quite a bit of driving since arriving home in Newfoundland. It’s amazing how much I miss it. The natural beauty of the island inspires creativity and the lack of congestion on the highways affords such wonderful time for thinking. I’ve been listening to the radio a lot more frequently too. Was anyway as there are only so many times I can hear that young maid Britney Spears prattle on. So with no tunes I’ve been left alone with all six of my personalities on a few trips. Of course we had quite the laugh at ourselves but every now and then you need a break even from yourself and so I discovered some added benefits in my trucks DVD player. Not that I was watching movies while driving. Instead I simply cued up the latest Boondockers DVD and settled in to enjoy the ride with the sound track.


Just beautiful, a perfect mixed tape that you can play over and over again; eventually picking up on the film subtleties that only a blind man would notice. The laughs you hear in the background, the effects a sled engine has on the feel of a tune, shots you remember from the video when the song hooks. Unfortunately, I fear we were terribly remiss in acknowledging the musical contributors to our fifth snowmobile video in the Boondockers series ‘AliVe’. I of course accept full responsibility for this as I really should have devoted some of our magazines editorial to the band.


One of the advantages I had when we first started the Boondockers project was that I worked exclusively with Newfoundland bands for the sound track. Some of whom became my best friends. So I know what a significant gift they provide and can’t imagine what we would do without them. Most particularly I would like to take this opportunity to single out Rob Gillard and his partner Lloyd Gardner for their support of the Boondockers concept from its onset. Their lyrics were so perfectly suited to the themed segments we used to shoot it was at times difficult to believe they weren’t specifically written for the movie. Remember ‘Burning up Fuel’ and the music video we did for ‘Head Hangin Low’ in our second release – ‘2 Tangly’? Lloyd and Rob wrote three songs for us that year and we are only too pleased to welcome them back with Lloyd's rather appropriately named accompaniment for the ‘Revelstoke’ section in ‘AliVe’. ‘The Pull’ is an outrageous rock and roll tune that would do AC DC proud.

Still operating under the ‘Big Bully’ label Rob and Lloyd have since renamed their band ‘Six Satellite’ and for the first time we’re actually planning an entire shoot theme based on their yet to be released single ‘I’ve Been Down Before’; A rock anthem that every professional sports team will blast whenever they find themselves in need of a good rally point. You’re going to die when you hear it and I can’t wait to share it with you.


In the meantime why not take a few of your favorite sled videos on the road when you head out for your next trip. Perhaps you’ll find inspiration from the lyrics, maybe you’ll find yourself singing along or sharing a laugh with your copilot. With any luck you might even run into some of us in your travels. Just like you we keep on trucking with dreams of success, promises of an even better tomorrow and the belief that the reward is far greater than the sacrifices we make to achieve them.

Here’s to the band!

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  1. Great read Andrew! We miss you out here and hope that you can make it out at least once this winter!

    I really like the songs these guys put out! Cant wait to hear the new stuff!

    And yes the BD5 soundtrack is on my Ipod!

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