White Dreams

Today was one of those days that you dream of all summer. All of the perfect ingredients were there–new snow, sunshine, good friends, and ripping sleds. What started out as a rain storm over the weekend ended up laying down 3-4ft. of powder in the mountains over the last three days and this morning the clouds broke.

Myself, Geoff “Phatty” Dyer, and Ryan Nelson made a mad dash for the mountains as soon as the sun started to poke through. By the time we made it to the trailhead it was bluebird. Phatty and Ryan laid down some epic powder lines and dropped huge cliffs all day. We tore up all of the powder in sight, burnt a full tank of gas, shot tons of video, and I still made back in time for afternoon classes!

The last couple weeks have been off the hook. Two weeks ago Matt Entz and Dave Napier made it out to Utah for two days of hard riding. Matt went huge, jumping a handfull of cliffs in the 60ft.+ range. Rick Barker hit one of the biggest cliffs I've ever seen (on Phatty's sled) and pulled a 50ft. handstand in the runout…Rick may have missed his true calling in gymnastics because no one has ever pulled that kind of move before. Shortly after Rick sent Phatty's M8 careening down a huge face, I managed to send it end-over-end after dropping a big cliff…I may have missed my true calling in tumbling. Surprisingly, Phatty's sled came out unscathed. Even more surprisingly, Phatty still lets other people ride his sled. Last week we rode with Team Summit, I can't even start to describe that weekend, but Boondockers 6 will tell the story.

Huge thanks to Chris and Bryan at The Edge Motorsports for some last minute parts to get us out on the snow!


Matt Entz


Jenn Berg


Ryan's new ride
Sponsored by Xbalm and The Edge Motorsports

4 thoughts on “White Dreams

  1. guys we’ve found some large cliffs with nice runnouts in a very big secret backcountry area in the salida colorado area. would like to send some photos for the boondockers team to review, also if timing is right a launch over a wrecked plane that lies just below the peaks summit could be shot the same time.

    this is stuff you guys may possibly consider i’ve told matt about it maybe thats enough.

  2. its always good to see a local rider thats lost his sponsorship with vagasil. matt we’ll keep trying to find a more fitting support group to help fund your pow and wow addiction.stay safe and keep it stupid.

  3. Dan reading this makes me sick to my stomach. Do you think the powder would still be there next weekend if so I may work it out to come out. I cant believe how much snow Utah recived SICK

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