Top 5 New Snowmobile Products

Producing the Boondockers films has always been primarily a hobby for the Boondockers team. We probably spend more time riding powder on weekends, late afternoons, and early mornings than we do working at our regular jobs and you can be sure that we never let any sick days lapse, but we do still have jobs. Geoff “Phatty” Dyer is a software engineer, Ryan Nelson runs an excavation company, Tent Gough works construction, Rick Barker is a fleet and auto body technician, Dave Napier owns a chain of restaurants, Matt Entz runs a potato farm, Andrew McCarthy is a motivational speaker, Aaron Case is an engineer, Shane Kynaston is an engineer and shop foreman, and I go to law school…

Since we don’t make our living off of these films, when it comes to sponsors we will only promote the best products around. We would rather buy the best stuff than ride with inferior equipment for free. If you’re on a tighter budget this season, here are a few products that we have tested extensively and can guarantee will give you the best performance and durability for the money-

1. Klim PowerXross Pullover: Klim makes the best snowmobile outerwear on the planet, period. The new PowerXross pullover is no exception. I had the chance to test the new pullover last winter and it’s amazing. I didn’t think it was possible to make Klim gear any lighter or more durable, but they did it again. This pullover works perfectly with a layering system and will keep you warm and dry on the deepest powder days.

2. Scott Pro Air Snow Goggles: Scott brings a new level of performance to snow goggles with the Pro Air Snow goggles. The venting design and oversized foam keeps the goggles from fogging and protects areas of the face that would normally be exposed between your goggles and helmet. The removable nose piece is ideal for fast trail rides and extremely cold days.

3. Fly Moto Knee Guards: I’ve been riding with the Fly knee guards for five years. These knee guards are so light and comfortable that you will never even notice them. For under $50, this is one of the best investments you’ll ever make!

4. 2 Cool Air Vents: For the price, a set of 2 Cool Air Vents is one of the best mods you can put on a sled. The additional venting will pay for itself in belts alone! Aftermarket vents are especially helpful for deep powder riding, allowing the engine compartment to stay significantly cooler.

5. RK Tek Torque-Line Heads: Kelsey at RK Tek is a 2 Stroke genius. Their bolt-on heads offer the easiest and most reliable horsepower you can buy. I ran a torque-line head on a Vohk-built M8 last winter and it was incredible. Erik at Vohk Performance can put together 15-20+ HP bolt-on packages for the M8 that won’t require a fuel controller.

6. Snow!!!