Nov. 15th Togwotee

Well the urge was just too much. I couldn't wait any longer to get out on the hill and enjoy what snow there is around here. Around here probably isn't the best choice of words since we drove all the way to Togwotee, WY to actually get to the snow. It was crazy there was no snow almost all the way there and then all of a sudden there was 6″ on the side of the road and it just kept getting deeper. There was roughly 2 ft were we unloaded.

The snow wasn't awesome, but it was good enough to have some real fun. We were able to test out a couple of setups on some sleds and gave us an idea of what else we need to do to be ready for the season. The snow is here and the real fun is just around the corner.

One thought on “Nov. 15th Togwotee

  1. man i’m from the east coast of newfoundland and i am dreaming for snow like that, we have nothing and probably won’t until January. powder comes here maybe twice a season.

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