First Snow

Every fall I caution my fellow sledheads about venturing off-trail too early in the season. Although some of the crashes from the last few Boondockers films would identify me as one of the worst offenders of this advice, I continue to espouse it. “Do as I say, not as I do,” isn’t that the saying? While I would like to associate this saying with the proverbial hypocrite, unfortunately it seems to apply to me as well.

Last Tuesday we received our first significant snowstorm in Utah and while most of the country was focused on the incoming presidential election results, we were instead glued to the weather channel and incoming snow reports (I did vote). When the dust settled, if you’ve ever rode in Utah powder it feels like dust when you are carving through 4ft. of it, the mountains picked up anywhere from one to four feet of snow.

With several more storms in the extended forecast, it looks like we could end up with a nice base early in the year. However, as you head out on a trail that is more brown than white, remember the potential hazards are endless this time of year. A hidden rock or log could do hundreds of dollars of damage to your new sled, or worse leave you with a season-ending injury. If you need to do some tuning, try to resist the temptation to carve up that untouched meadow with two feet of snow to the side of the trail, it’s just a gateway drug to tree riding, hillclimbing, and broken parts! There will be plenty of snow soon enough. Yes, I think I will try to follow my own advice this year, and it should be considerably easier than normal since my new M8 has not arrived yet.

If you’re in the Salt Lake City area, don’t forget the Utah Avalanche Center fundraiser at Brewvies on Thursday November 13. We will be showing Boondockers 5 and Thunderstruck 7, doors open at 6:30. Tickets are only $10, with dinner included! See you there!

PS- Contact VOHK Performance if you are looking to set up a new Arctic Cat M8 or M1000. These guys have been building the best boondocking sleds on the snow for years. Check them out-

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  1. YES! I’m ready for the snow to fly. Looking forward to really spending some time on the hill with you guys this year. Get that sled, I still have a few things to fix on my M7 to get it ready as well.

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