I rode with Chris Collins this past winter and if you think this guy can ski just wait till you see the tandem ascents he pulls on a sled in Boondockers 5! We tracked some great lines and filmed a couple of monster hits till a late afternoon crash crippled Chris’ sled. Fortunately we were only a few miles and an easy downhill tow to the nearest highway. So while we waited for the rest of the crew to carry on to the trucks and retrieve us – Chris and I sat back, had a smoke and talked our way through a most glorious sunset.

By rights, this should be an article about Chris – the inside truth, a candid interview with one of the greatest skiers alive. However, what intrigued me most in our conversation was the passion with which he described his summer job. His face lit up when he talked about the quarry back in Portland – how much hand work and experience it took to select the perfect stone. What great exercise it provided and how satisfying it was to create such beauty from the most basic material inputs. And with that I felt the real story was found in how completely professionals surrender themselves to every task in life and the value that can be derived from such focus.

You see most athletes who perform at this level tackle every activity with gusto! We don’t think of our jobs as work, nor do we think of our sport as play. In fact, if most people had to ride like we do for a living – they’d be lined up at the labour board come Monday morning with a page full of grievances. For us, if it’s worth doing its worth doing right and there’s nothing that exceeds like excess!

We work hard for the money!

1. Chris Collins
Job Description: Quarry worker
Hours: 7am till 7pm
Rate of pay: Too low to calculate
Benefits: Deadly work out and chicks dig the smell of sweat

2. Brian Seaward
Job Description: Heavy equipment operator
Hours: 90 hrs a week
Rate of pay: Just think of the overtime
Benefits: Improves track design techniques – access to equip for building hits

3. Dan Gardiner
Job Description: Law Student – University of Utah
Hours: None of them billable yet
Rate of Pay: Good legal advice is expensive but bad legal advice is really expensive
Benefits: Fighting speeding tickets

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4 thoughts on “Clydesdale

  1. Rob Tucker
    Job Description: Office Assistant (Apprenticeship Board – Gov’t)
    Hours: 830am-4pm
    Rate of pay: Less then the local Walmart/McDonalds
    Benefits: Gets lots of time on the computer for stuff like this and ordering parts


    I’ve noticed a trend in the number of Heavy Equipment Operators that are professional riders during the winter season. Definately a huge benefit in terms of ease of access to machinery, and the know-how to turning a great stunt or hit that is in your head, to building it front of you.

    Awesome work guys, look forward to seeing the movie. Good luck with the upcoming season.

    Good luck to you as well Dan on finishing your education.

  2. Dedication and determination: the combination for success. There is a old proverb relating to jobs: “Love what you do and you will never work again.”


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