The Great Escape

Looking over American Fork Canyon
It starts out with a vision. It always does. A vision of being in a better place, of losing yourself, of becoming free. So the journey begins. And it ends the same way. Coming home refreshed, revised, and exhausted. This trip was no different. I had stress in my life and I wanted to feel free and alive. The canyon always seems to be so full of people. Every corner there is some rock climber, a fisherman, a family preparing dutch oven cobbler.

But as soon as the wheels hit the dirt you leave it all behind. Faster and higher, escaping the world and its ruthless chains of oppression. The thick forest foliage seems to cover you with a blanket of protection from cares and worries, stress cannot find you here. And still you climber higher, until you are above it all. Literally, above it all.

Things from up here seem so insignificant and small. You wonder why they bother you in the first place.

And then the beauty of the mountains truly sets in. The waterfalls, throwing themselves off sheer cliffs on to sharps rocks, creating images so beautiful that the soul is warmed despite the cold misty air surrounding you.
Wooley Falls

The jagged peaks, so sharp and rugged, but standing tall as solid fortresses, all the while holding your gaze with unparalleled majesty.
The Wasatch mountains

The trees and flowers so bright in color, from deep green pines, to golden yellow flowers, and the mountain bluebells cascading down hill sides like rivers.
Pika Cirque

I soak it all in and try my best to capture the vision. To bring it home and relive the journey again and again, but somehow my mind and pictures can never do it justice. The vision taunts and teases me, which is why I have to go back again and again…

6 thoughts on “The Great Escape

  1. I agree seclusion in the mountains is where its at……..until you flat with no tools 25 miles from the truck! Ha then the mountains are temporarily your enemy. Temporarily that is…..but just until you fix your flat tire and then suddenly you are headed back for more and you can be friends with them once again!

  2. Well said Phatty. There’s a reason I drive the miles I do every year…..the mountains can’t be beat. Great job!

  3. The only situation imaginable where the nomenclature “Dirt Bag” can actually be used as a compliment! Who’d have ever thought we’d refer to a good Mormon as a “Dirty Boy”

    Good job Phatty

  4. WOW, awesome man. The mountains are the best place to be whether its spring, summer, fall or winter. I always want to go back.

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