A little snow goes a long way.

We lucked out and recieved a great deal of snow this season.  In fact, this is the closest to a normal snow fall that I have seen for a couple of years.  The last time I remember getting ‘normal' snowfall was in the 01-02 snow season.  Oh the memories, I was riding the second love of my life…my 1998 Polaris 700 RMK 136″.  With a few mods, my sled purred like a kitten and pulled like an Ox (remember, we are talking 2001).  Ryan Searle and I were living in Island Park, Idaho and West Yellowstone, Montana and you know we were living it up…!

You bet we snowmobiled everyday!  Everyday was a day in heaven as we pounded and ploughed through untouched powder.  We both grew up riding snowmobiles in the Island Park area so by 2001 we had some awesome secret areas that we rotated through each day.  Each time we went back to the same spot, there was another foot or two of new powder.  Naturally, I look back with fond memories.

It was very exciting this year to see how the snow just piled up, it brought back a flood of memories.  Enjoying old memories soon turned into new, even better memories as the snow built up.  With so much snow, there is a chance that some records have been set for the longest season of riding ever.  We went snowmboling the 25th of November and so far our last ride was June 12th.  With so much snow, it is amazing how long a season can last.  Even though we haven't really seen some significant powder recently, the snow has stuck around very well.  We have enjoyed numerous, surprisingly enjoyable snowmobile trips since our first ride in November.  This year for sure, a little snow goes a long way…