Your Snowmobile Bailout is Here

27 April, 2009

a little piece
All you snowmobile enthusiasts out there…we have put a lot of thought into how we can do our part to help take the edge off during these less than favorable times. In all reality it was kind of obvious…have a sale. Check our side bar or go to our Boondocker’s Store.

little bit of powder

So this spring we are starting up our Snowmobile Bailout Sale designed specifically for you. In our store you will find all the Boondocker’s Merchandise on sale anywhere from 10 to 25 percent off.

a relaxing view

We think you deserve it, so come on in and browse the store to find the items that will give you a very well deserved vacation from reality.

nice scenery

group therapy


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  1. Andrew McCarthy Says:

    Does this mean they’re finally going to show us the money? Thankfully there’s a thousand ways to measure wealth gentlemen and according to this site I’d have to say that all of us are pretty fortunate.

  2. acase Says:

    i’d say we are pretty fortunate, especially when you see what the guys are pullin’ off.

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