The Endless Winter

30 May, 2010
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It’s the 30th of May and the riding is some of the best all season (I can’t say winter, since we are nearly into summer). A snowy and cold April and May produced the best spring riding we’ve seen in several years. Though all good things must come to and (at least those that involve snow), the 2009-10 winter has been a great run. You could still squeeze in a few more weeks of riding down here, but I suspect this will be my last ride as I gear up for a busy summer. A huge thanks goes out to everyone that made this year one to remember! We all owe a special debt of gratitude to our non-snowmobiler friends and family who put up with all of us for the past 6 months.

If you can’t climb it, then drop it… (Phatty)

Have trailer, will travel for snow… The Boondocker Performance trailer is outfitted with enough equipment and parts to build a new sled from the ground up.

Jared Sessions

Jared drops in

(top photo is Jared Sessions on a Boondocker M8 Turbo)

The Boondockers 7 teaser will be rolling out sometime in the next 2 weeks…

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  1. chad greziuk Says:

    Jared’s sled is going to look wicked in HD!!!!

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