Team Summit v. Boondockers II

22 March, 2009

Anthony Oberti, Shane Kelley, Jessie O’Rourke, Smasher, and Jeff Aiello made the drive out to Utah this past weekend for two days of spring riding in the Utah backcountry. Team Summit spent the last two months recuperating from their first trip of the season to Utah in January. After countless hours of physical rehabilitation, counseling sessions, and time spent in the shop—they finally came back for more.

Anthony Oberti climbed a handful of big chutes, the final one nearly ending in disaster. After coming over backwards at the top of a wall Oberti was able to guide his sled into one of the small trees growing out of the rock at the top of the chute. After two hours of shoveling and rope work, we were able to get his sled out with only a couple minor scratches to show for it.

Due to “technical problems” with Smasher’s sled, the much anticipated sidehill battle was delayed. However, Smasher’s training regime of watching old Rocky movies, drinking Jack and Cokes, and posting jibberish on the internet does not appear to be helping his chances.

Despite marginal snow conditions for jumping, we still managed to find some big hits. Rick Barker and Shane Kynaston dominated the airways this weekend. Even though Shane has toned it down a bit with the jumping, I don’t think there are any other 40 and older riders going as big. He may be over the hill, but he still flies off of them too. Shane says he will be the first 50 year old rider to be dropping 50ft. cliffs, hopefully into deep powder…

The final contest of the weekend was an impromptu shovel race down a 60 degree chute (after we dug out Oberti’s sled). Although it initially appeared that Jessie O’Rourke may have taken the gold, upon reviewing the tapes it was clear that Geoff “Phatty” Dyer had won. All of this weekend’s action will be showcased in Boondockers 6 and Elevation Season 5. We will be meeting up with Team Summit in California for our final showdown of the season. Get ready for carnage!

-Photos by Jeff Danielson and Phatty

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  1. SMASHER Says:

    LOL oh Dan I am so going to t-bone your a@@, I will be ready for you come Reno time I will give her all she’s got captian.

  2. Oberti Says:

    LMFAO!!! Smash, you like the old Rocky movies?? That a boy!!! And I want to protest the decision of the winner on the shovel race, I think we need a third party to review the tapes. None of this home-town favortism!

  3. Ryan Searle Says:

    Sometimes hitting the only tree on the hill is a blessing. So, are the dates set for the reno show down?

  4. I luv Smasher Says:

    Smash you told me you have been watching Footloose and Dirty dancing. WTF

  5. SMASHER Says:

    LOL what the hell are you talking about I luv smasher???? I dont know what to say.

  6. phatty Says:

    Jesse better be waxing his shovel for Reno!!! I think we will need a rematch!!!

  7. Puddles Says:

    Shane claims he smoked you shovel racin. He said he made it the furthest down the hill.

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