Time Flies

Sunday, March 30th, 2014

Boondockers Crew
Wow, is it really late March??? If the saying is true, then the last 4 months have been off the chart fun. The season got off to a slow start in Utah and January was a bit of a dud. Despite challenging conditions, we made the most of it, including a few ridiculously deep days in Colorado. Fortunately, old man winter came roaring back in early February and the last two months of riding have been incredible. .... Continue Reading this Post

Bombs Away

Saturday, March 10th, 2012

With the exceptionally late start to winter this year many of my fellow snowmobilers prematurely gave up on the season and moved on to other hobbies in January or February. This has been reflected in nearly empty parking lots, low traffic on the snowmobile forums, and an inordinant amount of pristine untracked bowls, canyons, and river bottoms (I’m not complaining). Not the Boondockers crew! The last two months we’ve been chasing every storm and riding every day like it might be our last. The last three weeks of riding have been especially memorable. .... Continue Reading this Post

Deep Snow, Blue Skies, and Good Times…

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

After a painfully slow start to the season we finally scored back-to-back weekends of fresh snow and good weather. Last weekend Kris “Smasher” Kaltenbacher, Anthony Oberti, and Charles Bluth made the long haul from the Nevada desert to find snow in Southern Colorado and Utah. We were not dissapointed! After 2 days of riding in Colorado with Matt Entz, a day of technical boondocking in Utah, and hundreds of miles of all night driving all hands were thoroughly exhausted. .... Continue Reading this Post

Boondockers Early Season Update

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Ordinarily the second week of January could not be considered “early season,” however, record low snowfall across the Rocky Mountains has us hurting for snow in a bad way. As one rider put it, “The conditions are fantastic…for early October!” Despite the poor condtions we’ve still managed to get in some great rides, logging trips down to Southern Colorado to ride with Matt Entz, Wyoming, and Rabbit Ears, CO to ride with turbo expert and technical tree specialist Erik Woog (VOHK)..... Continue Reading this Post